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about you, Rose?” Spinning around, she scurries through the room grabbing a
towel and picking up the remnants of clothing I've tossed to the floor. My
crumpled clothes hang from her arms. Her stunning deep-brown eyes peek over the
pile. Long black curls fall against her pale face. “Perhaps it's time you found
yourself a suitor?”

don't want a suitor. I want Marcus. My body craves what only he can give.
Having known him only one night, he understood me and my body more than anyone
ever has, including myself.

Snow, you know there's not a man out there who can tame me.” I toss her a wink.
“But maybe someday I'll find someone I might let try.”

Chapter Four


blustery breath penetrates my fur, prickling my skin. Sloshy snow freezes my
paws as I
my way back to the cottage. I
understand now why bears hibernate.

sun dips low on the horizon, spreading the last of its fingerling rays across
the sky, painting it with oranges and pinks. I plunk my ass into the snow and
stare at the ball of blazing orange shimmering over the river, wishing Rose
could see it with me.

creeps in like a slithering shadow, swallowing the last bits of light. A purple
halo shimmers around my body. My limbs tremble. My muscles ache. Adrenaline
spikes through my heart. As the last glint of day fades, so does my bear
Flashes of purple streak through the
dusky sky, and my fur smoothes into human skin once more, numbness claiming my
bare ass in the snow.

leave my animal half outside as I walk into my cottage. Her scent hits me the
minute I cross the threshold. Rose perfume mixed with remnants of our sex still
on my sheets. It floods my cock with warmth. Gripping them in my hands, I pull
them to my face and drink her in, saying a silent prayer she comes back to me

of her continue to swarm my head as I heat a kettle over the fire for a bath,
pouring the scalding water into the tub. I climb in and hope the heat drains me
of the sins of her flesh, but instead it burns, churning my desire for her even
more. The memory of watching her lie on my bed, pleasuring
nearly had me break my own damn walls down. Her beauty, her moans, her scent...
I'd never wanted anything more in my life than to jump in and reclaim her body
for my own.

my bear half stopped me. If she ever found out, what would she think?
Though when her eyes locked onto mine as she caught me in the
window, they gave me a glimmer of hope.
I'd never approached anyone in
my bear form before, least of all a woman. Yet as
appeared and laid a finger on her breast, my animal side overthrew any sense of
rational I had.
My life for hers.
That was all I
thought about. I had to protect her. I want to protect her.

want her to be mine.

my head back on the edge of the tub, I stretch a foot and lay it on the far
edge. My hand settles against my cock and it stiffens as her image refuses to
leave my mind. I already miss the soft red locks of hair that I gripped between
my fingers, holding onto her for dear life. Eyes so deep green they flickered
like the emeralds in my father's crown.

slide my hand along the length of my swollen dick, which pulsates as I relive
the memory of thrusting inside her. As the water sloshes through my hand, I
think of it being her arousal, how wet I made her.

I did that to her. I made her come so hard she screamed my name. I filled her
with pleasure. And she'll never know that she gave me more that night.

hand works faster along my shaft and water spills over the sides of the tub as
my hips rock in rhythm with my strokes. Groans penetrate my lips and I close my
eyes, picturing her swollen clit, my lips over it, sucking it, flicking it,
gnawing on her flesh until she ruptured in orgasms.

cum, screaming her name, one hand gripping the tub to hold me to this plane of
existence for fear I'll drown dreaming of her. Swallowing hard, I reopen my
eyes forcing my heavy breaths to slow. One last moan escapes my lips and I
collapse in the water, still on fire for her. Nothing will quench it.
Only her.

cold draft sneaks past the dying flames in the hearth, chilling my skin. I
force myself from the cooling water and my thoughts of Rose.

pass and my heart sinks as I stare up at the light of the moon shining through
the windows. She's not coming.

pace the length of my tiny cottage, running a hand through my hair. Falling
into my raggedy arm chair, I grab a book to distract myself. I drape a leg over
the arm and force myself to read. But the words just blur in front of me, and I
slam the book shut with one hand.

if something happened to her? I led her home. I know she arrived safe. But what
if she tried to come back and
attacked her on
the road again?

knots my stomach and I launch out of the chair determined to find her. Dashing
to the door, I whip it open,
stop dead in my

stares at me from the other side.

eyes work their gaze the length of my body. “Do you always answer the door
naked, Marcus?” she asks, licking her lips.

heart all but leaps out of my chest and words escape me. I force a hard
swallow, and inhale a long breath. “I live alone, in the middle of a haunted
forest. Do I need to don pants?” My brow quirks as I take in her form. Her
perfume hits my nostrils, sending me to a euphoric high.

a tilt of her head, she tosses me a sly grin across wicked red lips. “I just
thought maybe you were ready and waiting for me.”

rounded cleavage sits high atop a black corset. Layer upon layer of ruffled red
and black skirts hide her stunning legs, along with the prize buried between
them. I slip a hand along her cheek, guiding it into her hair as I slide down
her hood.

you're here, so I assume you don't want tea and crumpets,” I say, stepping back
from the door as she passes inside.

hips sway in the skirts, tossing them side-to-side in a strut as she glances at
me over her shoulder.
“Perhaps if you make me work up an

floods my cock and it stiffens at her words. Her eyes drop, as if she senses
it. Maybe I should have worn pants; she has far too much power over me and my
cock shows it to her.

slam the door shut, turning the latch in place to lock it for the night. She is


flutter runs through my heart at the sight of his stark naked body. Ripples of
rigid muscle mold his body into that of a god. Thick, toned thighs pace the
length of the room as he sets my cloak over a chair. Turning to face me, his
stunning cock stands ready for my taking.

drop to my knees and plunge my lips over it, barely able to fit his girth in my

loud groan rips from his lips. “Fuck, Red,” he growls.

tongue swirls across his tip and I grip his shaft, my tiny hand covering barely
half of its length. I suck him between hollowed cheeks, pressing him against my
tongue and the roof of my mouth. He lets out a hiss and grips my hair.

he cries out and yanks me to a stand by my hair.

give him a devilish smile, relishing in the tingles prickling my scalp. “I want
to taste you, as you did me last night.”

shakes his head and lust-filled blue eyes stare back at me. “Not yet. First,
you must receive your punishment.”

eyes shoot wide open as my heart plunges to my stomach.
For what?”

been naughty, Red. Don't think I don't know what you did in my bed after I left
this morning.” His narrowed eyes traverse the length of my body.

I gasp and heat floods my cheeks as much as it does my belly at the thought of
him catching me pleasuring myself.

smelled the scent of your fresh arousal when I got back.” He tilts his head and
a handsome wicked grin molds his lips. “And, I saw your hands making love to
your body where only mine should be. Only my lips, my hands, and my cock need
pleasure you. Do you understand, Red?” His hands tighten in my hair.

nod, barely able to move my head in his grip, and excitement courses through me
at what he has planned.

it,” he demands, and forces my face inches from his. We lock eyes. Behind his
lust-filled ones
a softness as he waits for my

Marcus.” I answer in more of a moan than words, and he seems to like it as his
cock twitches against the folds of my skirts.

spins me in his arms and clamps large hands over my breasts. His rock-hard cock
pokes into the back of my ass through my clothing. Teeth graze the length of my
neck as he nuzzles my flesh. Dipping his hands into my corset, he cups my
nipples and yanks them free of the barrier between us. Twisting them in his
fingers, he caresses them until they're stiff and swollen.

lips travel to my ear and he sucks over my lobe as he whispers. “I need to fuck
you, Red. I need to fuck you until you're raw and I'm spent. But you're going
to have to wait now because you've been bad. I'm going to tease you until you
can't take it anymore, like you did to me as I watched you cum without me. My
lips and hands will work you to the edge, until you're screaming for me to end
the torture and release the build up inside you.”

corset laces fall to the ground, as does the bodice with it. Distracted by his
words, I don't feel his hands undressing me until his cock prods me in my ass,
this time without any barriers. A large hand clamps under my cheeks, jamming
two fingers inside my entrance.

Red, you're already dripping. One would think you're turned on by this idea.”
He thrusts his fingers in and out of me, his palm pressing firm to my ass. “Are
you, Red? Are you wet for me from my words?”

choke out a gasp. “Yes.”

behind me, his other hand cups my breast and rakes my nipple, spiraling
pleasure through me. The other hand slides out of my pussy and up to my clit,
giving it a quick flick.

need to look at you,” he says, spinning me around in his arms as I step out of
the pool of clothing at my feet.

tilts his head and examines my body. A blush floods my cheeks as his eyes
blaze. Their icy hue deepens into a softer blue the longer he stares. I almost
think he looks upon me with love, not lust. But I won't give in to those
thoughts. I know he wants only my body, because we fit together. We satisfy a
need we each have—a primal desire to be raw and untamed. Love isn't an option.
Yet the thought of this ever ending between us bores a hole into my heart. But
that's not love, is it?

wish you could see yourself through my eyes, Rose. Your form is stunning.
Warm.” His Adam's
apple bobs in his throat, and his face is wrought with so many emotions I can't
pick a single one out.

I whisper, and it breaks his train of thought, hardening his face.

roars. “I did not ask for you to speak. Unless you're screaming it, I do not
want to hear my name.”

breaths puff through my cheeks and I give a nod, fighting the excitement
pooling between my legs. I ache for his touch. And I'll take it if I have to. I
need to test him.

drop to my knees again and cover the length of him with my mouth, giving him
several quick sucks before he groans and yanks me back up. “Red, you fucking

the back of my neck with his hand, he curls his fingers around my throat and
shoves me face first onto the bed. My ass bent upward, he slams his bare hand
against it sending a stinging pain along my skin. As I ride the wave of
pleasure and pain, he slams his hard cock into my drenched pussy, giving two
hard thrusts before releasing me.

that what you want? My cock?” he asks, still gripping the back of my neck with
his large hands.

I moan, rocking my hips, begging him for more.

your sweet juices on me,” he says as he flips my body over and presses his cock
to my lips.

lap at it like a hungry cat. Pulling him into my mouth, I clamp my lips around
him and press over the shaft with my tongue.

hissing growl shoots from his clenched teeth and his muscles tighten. “You're
going to earn this fuck, Red.”

jerks back from my lips and strokes himself in front of me, sliding in a
mixture of my saliva, my arousal, and his own that bubbled to the tip against
my tongue.

you get to stroke yourself, then I do too.” I slam my own hand against my pussy
and rock my fingers in and out of me. Giving him another tease, I let out
several soft moans in breathy gasps.

BOOK: Unbearable
12.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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