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like being punished, don't you.” His eyes flood with desire. I've never seen
them darker.

slaps my hand away and spanks my pussy with the other. I flinch as the sting
blazes against my swollen clit, sucking a gasp from my lungs. Before I can
answer he's on his knees beside the bed, face pressed between my open thighs.
His fingers burrow into my hips as he massages his tongue over my sensitive

bursts of air puff in and out of my chest as he works magic with his mouth. I
press up onto my arms so I can watch him face-deep in my pussy. My fingers
creep toward his hair, but he doesn't pull away. They run through his thick
dark strands, resting upon his scalp, where I massage him in rhythm with his
lapping tongue.

moans and a hum ripples over my clit, nearly sending me over the edge. He must
have sensed it because he jerked back. Lifting from between my legs, he crawls
up my body and pushes me further up onto the bed. I ache for him to reach my
mouth with his lips covered in my lust for him.

dawns on me then, I've never tasted his lips. His mouth and hands have been all
over my body, and we have yet to kiss.

heart quickens as I imagine his lips claiming mine. All the things he's doing
to my body, making it wrought with pleasure, yet there's a hollow echo that
still needs to be claimed. And only his lips against mine will fill it.

over me, he grips his cock in hand and drags the tip of it along my cleft,
before stopping on my clit. He rocks back and forth over the swollen bud. Thick
with my arousal, he slides in quick, slick movements.

me,” I demand, staring into his eyes above me.

same look swallows him, as it did before when he stared at my naked body.
Conflicted emotions flash in his eyes, transforming from deep blue to their
iced over hue.

don't get to give orders tonight,” he growls.

want you to kiss me, Marcus,” I scream.

chest heaves and he drops against me. Noses pressed together, he refuses to
touch my lips. Hands on either side of my head curl into my hair and grip it

may deserve a kiss, but Red,” he pauses and stares deep into my eyes. “No, Red
is still being punished.”

Chapter Five


thrust my groin against hers, sliding my cock between her lower lips. Rocking
back and forth, I rake its hardness over the length of her, not entering. I
must distract myself from her demands in order to complete my mission, my task
at keeping her pleasured.

with simple words she crumbles my walls, begging me to kiss her. Since the
moment I met her, my lips ached to know the feel of hers. I fell asleep next to
her naked body last night, dreaming of crushing our mouths together. But I held
back the one part of me I wasn't ready to give.

kiss is powerful and one that unlocks the chambers of the heart. Mine has been
girded away for a long time and in moments she just about shatters them. Only
when I'm sure she will not break me will I allow her to have

reach for the straps of leather I set aside on the table, prepared for her
arrival this time. Cuffing her hands above her head, I lock her to the bed. Her
eyes capture my soul, filled with lust for me. But something else flickers in
them tonight, and it puzzles me. There's
a deepness
inside those pools of jade, something warm and forbidden.

shake myself out of it, my mind creating something there that's not. She comes
to me for pleasure, not out of love. Yet I fall back to the look on her face,
the one that offered me friendship today in my animal state. There is a
a deepness
to her I crave to know more of.
An ache wells up in me and I no longer want to fuck her.

want to make love to her.

it's not about me, it's about her. And she expects me to ravage her body, to
sting her with pain,
drive it away with pleasure.
Pain burrows a
deep inside her, and with each
moan and orgasm she releases it. It reminds me of my own.

down on her, I stretch a hand over her wrists in the cuffs while the other
rakes down her breasts and over her stomach. Her body arches under my

I want to paint a portrait of you, lying just like this for me,” I whisper. My
hot breath whisks across her taut nipple.

you want is my body?” she asks, letting out a soft moan.

hitches in my throat. “Is that not what you want?” I push off her and grab the
scarf from last night.

eyes widen and she shakes her head. “No, I want to see you. Watch you.”

Red,” I remind her and fasten the scarf behind her head.

frustrate me so, Marcus,” she hisses through clenched teeth.

told you not to use my name unless you're screaming it as I make you cum,” I
say and slap a hand over her clit.

whimper floats out from her lips attached to a moan. “You bastard,” she gasps
and writhes in the sheets.

grab a taper candle from the table and light the wick in the fireplace.
Carefully, I carry it back to the bed. Easing the thicker side against her
clit, I stroke it up and down the length of her.

is that? That's not your finger or cock,” she asks, continuing to rock her

the wax melts at the tip I tip it, dribbling it across her bare stomach. Her
muscles flinch and she releases a gasp. “Marcus,” she cries out.

press my lips to her stomach and peel away the quickly cooling wax with my
teeth. Flicking it to the fire, I dribble another line of melted wax down to
the edge of her pussy. Her hips buck as the fluid drips between her open lips.

lets out a guttural groan, grinding my name across her teeth. “Marcus.” Heavy
breaths heave from her chest and I stare at the rise and fall of her
magnificent breasts.

my lips once more to her stomach, I work my way up her body with my mouth and
she flinches at every kiss. My quick breath blows out the candle and I toss it
to the floor as I lunge at her neck, raking her flesh over my teeth as I suck
at her skin.

urge to ravage her mouth hits me again and I fight it, slamming my cock against
her clit. Her legs wrap around my waist as she arches her hips against me.

me,” she begs. “I have to have you in me.”

her from the bed and toss the leather straps
to the floor. She bucks under me and flips me onto the bed. Her feistiness
floods my cock with need. I love how she desperately wants me to control her,
but she can't hold back the wild spitfire inside.

is petite, yet strong. But I'm stronger. I could easily overthrow her and chain
her back to the bed, but I decide to let it play out. Scrambling to my cock,
she plunges it into her mouth, taking me so deep I almost cum at the warmth and
tightness of her lips and tongue. It rips a gasp from my lips, which only makes
her suck harder. The
her lips and tongue
possess are a wonder to me, and I'm hypnotized by the rhythm. Only when she
pulls me just to the edge do I realize how far I've let her go.

her by the neck, I throw her backward to the end of the bed. “Red,” I hiss.

want to make you cum, Marcus. I want to make you feel pleasure as you do me,”
she whispers.

heart hammers and dives to my stomach. She wants to please me?

night is for you, Rose,” I say, stroking a sweat-slicked lock of hair from her
face. “If you come back to me tomorrow, and you promise never to let anyone
else pleasure you, I will let you have your way with me.”

if I just don't leave?” she asks. “What if I pleasure you in the morning? I
want to wake in your arms, pleasure you all day, and make you scream my name by
nightfall. The days can be yours. The nights can be mine.”

stare at her and my mouth pops open, like I've been punched in the gut. She
wants to stay with me. I lunge at her, hovering over her mouth and my lips
tremble. Everything in me aches tell her yes with a kiss.

by morning I'll be a bear. So it can never happen. Not until I kill
. Once I do, my true form will come back, I'll rid
myself of the animal trapped inside me, and I can be with Rose. Until then, I
can only let myself fuck Red, pouring into her what's left of what I can give.
I separate them. Rose is my flower, the one I want to tend and care for. Red is
my passion, my flame. The one I lust for and fuck.

when I can be my true self day and night, can I give myself to Rose Red as a
whole. Then I will make love to her.


await his answer, breath hitching in my throat. My heart thunders so hard I
fear he'll hear it. He stares at me as if he's never seen me before. Like I'm
from another world, and it frightens me to my core. Not because of what he'll
do, but because of what he'll say. That he'll reject me.
I'm only a body to him.

need him on a deeper level.
A man who understands my needs
and tends to them in the raw, but who wants to love the other half of me as
The part that wants to crumble at a soft touch.
The one that wants to melt into a kiss of true love.


he says.

words rip open my heart. I collapse backward under him, staring at the
confusion coloring his eyes. For only a moment they glass over, then they
freeze, hardened to the core.

Maybe someday.
But for reasons that are my own,
you must leave by morning.”

swallow hard and slam a balled fist against his chest. “Maybe I don't even want
to be here right now.”

lie stings my lips as it leaves my mouth. I only want to be here, in his arms.
But his rejection stabs at me, and I hate him and love him in the same instant.

him. I barely even know him. But I crumble at his touch. He risked his life for
me, to save me. He filled me with his pain, turning it into pleasure. He fucks
me as if it
his last breath, and then cradles me
in his arms like I'm going to slip from them, taking his life with me.

own confusion rattles me and I buck under him, wanting to run. He pins me down,
arms above my head.

holds his cock at the entrance of my pussy, staring into my eyes. “Yes, you do.
You want me to finish fucking you. You want to scream my name. You want the
pleasure you know I can give you.
After which, I'll hold you
all night in my arms and keep you safe.
Then you'll wake and go back to
your sister.”

you,” I spit out, hating that he's right.

you insist,” he says as he slams his cock so deep in me I slide backward on the
bed. His hips launch into powerful thrusts as he continues to pin my wrists
with his hands.

hate you, Marcus. I hate you and love you and I never want you to stop fucking
me,” I cry out as a tear sneaks down my cheek.

stills inside me and closes his eyes. “Rose,” he whispers.

a fury, he pulls out of me and flips me onto my stomach. He yanks my ass to him
and plunges back into me from behind. He stretches his torso the length of my
body, pressing into my back with his chest.

furious strokes, he pummels my pussy with his cock, gripping the top of my hair
as he buries his face against the back of my neck. He slips his other arm under
my breasts and holds me tight to him as he relentlessly slams into me.

he chokes out between heavy pants.

curl into my breast as he shudders against me, his orgasm ripping through him.
He growls right into my ear as he
, and it
spirals a wave of ecstasy through me.

look what you've done,” he says in a series of heavy labored breaths. “You made
me cum before you. That will never, ever happen again. You will always cum
before I do.”

his head from my neck, he rolls us together until I'm in his arms and
on my side. His cock remains inside me from behind as
he grazes a hand down my stomach that flinches at his touch. Slipping two
fingers between my lips, he works them over my sex. His other hand refuses to
let go of my breast, clutching my body to him.

for me, Red,” he whispers against my ear.

will if you kiss me,” I whisper back and jerk my hips away from his fingers.

growl spills from his lips and he slams his hand against my mound, yanking me
back to his softening cock. His strokes are
more fierce
as he swipes over me. “I've kissed your entire body, Red, what does it matter
if I don't kiss your lips?”

BOOK: Unbearable
11.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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