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mouth trembles as I force the words out. “Because that's just it, you've kissed
all over my body, except my lips. Why?”

long pause freezes his fingers on my clit, along with my heart, and I'm not
sure then I even want to know his answer.

jerks my head to look into my eyes. “You don't even know who I am.”

tell me, Marcus!” I demand. “Tell me who you are.”

his lips against my neck, he sucks on my flesh and resumes stroking my pussy.
He roams the length of my body with his free hand, kissing all along my neck
and shoulders.

he hums against my flesh. “Someday I'll tell you everything. But that will be
the day you leave me. And I won't make that day today.”

not going to leave you, Marcus.” I barely get the words out as moans take over
my response.

fingers dip into my channel and spread the mix of his seed and my cream along
the entire length of my pussy. The sound of his fingers sliding in the wetness
sends a tingle through me, and I rock my hips without thinking.

it, Red, cum for me.” He clutches a breast again and works his thumb over my
sensitive nipple. Wet, tender flesh strides along my shoulder as he licks a
trail with his tongue. He follows it with soft kisses and increases the
momentum of his fingers on my bud.

I whisper and grip his hand on my breast.

he says, holding me tight against his chest as my body starts to shudder.

I cry out as the orgasm devours me, with waves of pleasure shooting from my
core through every limb, numbing my senses to everything else around me.

it, my Rose,” he whispers, slowing his strokes as the last of my tremors comes
to a stop.

rolls me over to face him, running a hand down my back until he cups my ass.
With a forceful tug, he lifts my thigh and lets it come to rest on top of his.
Running the back of his fingers down my cheek, he stares into my eyes.

now, my Rose. For in a couple of hours I'll wake you for some more. I haven't
finished your punishment yet. But you wear me out, Red.” He lets out a deep
groaning sigh. “You wear me out.”

doesn't realize the denial of his kiss is all the punishment I need.

Chapter Six


gentle rise and fall of her chest entrances me. Her soft, pouty lips open into
a smile as she dreams, and I pray they're of me. My fingers itch to trace her
beautiful face. While I told her I still planned to punish her further, I don't
have the heart to wake her.

turned out far from how I'd planned it. I knew the moment I saved her from that
frozen river, which already seems like a lifetime ago, that she would change my
life forever. The last flames of the fire sink low, turning into only glowing
embers, like our night together. Dawn comes for me, and the last thing I want
to do is leave her side.

off the bed, I head to the fireplace and stoke the flames to keep her warm. The
chill in the room attacks my skin, sucking from it the heat of Rose's body
against mine. As the fire roars back to life, so does my desire to climb back
in bed with her. Dropping to my knees, I watch her sleep, counting her breaths.

I'm sure she's still sound in her dreams, I lean in and brush my lips over
hers. The softness drives an ache through my heart. I wish it to be more, to
claim her mouth and ravage it with my tongue like I did the rest of her body.
This last part of her I shall have in time, and it will be worth the wait.

first I must get rid of

sit on the floor, knees pulled to my chest, and look at her. She has no idea
I'm a bear, let alone a prince. If life had been different for me though, our
paths might never have crossed. I was to lead a life of luxury, ruling a
kingdom, next in line for the throne. That, I'm sure has since passed to my
brother, Darien, in my absence. After two years, I'm sure they've given up the
search for me.

once I find a way to kill
, I can rid myself of
the animal curse and return to my kingdom. Hell, Darien can keep the throne. My
only wish is to be back with my family, to be whole. And to make
my princess.

the entire reason I'm a bear is a result of me running from marriage. I didn't
want to be forced into an arranged union with the Princess of Evansdale.
was my answer. In exchange for jewels, my precious
family stones, we struck a deal that he would fix it so I didn't have to marry
Princess Marianna. And fix it he did. He cursed me to become half animal, half
human. And I ran.

here I am, staring at a woman I met two days earlier, fucked twice, and
thinking about how incredible a wedding gown draping her hourglass figure would
be. Not to mention all of the things I would do to her on our wedding night.
And every night thereafter.

will fill her full of my seed and give her lots of babies. That should please
my father, giving our kingdom future heirs. And oddly, it pleases me. Thoughts
of her gorgeous belly big and round carrying my child, stiffens my cock. I
feared having children before her, never wanting to settle down. Yet one
thought of creating a new life from our love sends a heat to my dick, again
aching to drive it into her.

haze of purple surrounds my skin. Pinks and oranges fill the horizon as the sun
wakes up while my human side goes to sleep. I place one more kiss over her
lips, lingering on them a little too long and she stirs. Fear swallows my
heart, and I pray she thinks it all a dream. I dash out the door as the change
takes hold. I drop to all fours, barely shutting the door behind me.

gallop my way to the tree line behind the cottage and plunk down into the snow.
A soft bray eases out of my throat as I say goodbye to Rose, sending a prayer
to her on the wind to come back to me tonight.

rumbles in my belly, and I take a slow stroll to the river's edge for some
food. I'll never look at another damn fish again when I remain in human form.
The icy water seeps into my fur, covering me in shivers. I swipe at a fish deep
under a layer of ice, stabbing it with my claws. As I drag it to shore and
devour my breakfast, the snap of a twig catches my attention. Grabbing my kill,
I launch my robust body around and expect to find Rose.

I come face to face with my brother, Darien.

fish falls from my jaw as I stare back into a set of blue eyes that resemble my
own. A roar of surprise juts from my throat, which I'm sure to him sounds like
an attack, as his eyes shoot wide open and he reaches for his gun.

it weren't for Rose, I may have just let him kill me. Most days I'd thought
about dying to end this curse. Yet I never found the courage to do so. Too vain
to end my own life, I guess. And now the chance comes before me, at the hands
of my brother, and all I can think about is staying alive to protect Rose. I
take a tentative step forward. Looking me square in the eyes, he cocks the

try to speak with him and let him know it's me, but it only comes out in roars
and brays. If only he'd really look at my face. Maybe he would see the same
eyes staring back at him. Instead, he inches closer, squinting as he focuses
down his scope. I close my eyes and drop my head.

ears perk as footsteps crunch in the snow and a scream pierces the crisp air.


eyes jolt wide open and I raise my head. Darien whips around, gun still cocked.
I fear he'll shoot her. I lean on my haunches, ready to launch myself at him.

Rose screams, throwing her arms out in front of her. “Don't shoot it!”

swallow hard and can't believe the words as they fill my ears.

is a kind bear. Please, I beg of you. Don't harm it,” she cries out as she
pants for breath.

is a beast, madam.” Darien looks at her as if she's mad.

He is my bear.
My friend.
If you kill it, I will kill you in return.” Fire blazes in her
eyes as she glares at him. My heart flutters at her fury for me.

tosses his head back in a laugh. “I don't see you killing me.”

he finishes his chuckle, Rose pins his arms behind his back and his rifle
bounces to the ground. Her dagger digs at his jugular and his legs buckle from
the position she has him in, dropping him to his knees in the snow.

Rose has turned Red.

intensity in her eyes is the same I've seen when I fuck her. She is beauty. She
is brave. And she is mine.

Darien chokes out. “I promise I'll let the beast live.”

releases her hold and sheathes the dagger between her breasts. The same breasts
I long to crush with my mouth right now, if I were a man, and properly reward
her for her actions. Here I swore to protect her, and she is the one who
protects me.

this your cottage?” he asks, fanning his arms toward my home.

slams her hands on her hips. “Yes, and you're trespassing.”

heart warms when she calls my house her own. I study her stern face, and if
Darien has half a mind, he should run while he still can. But my brother never
was very bright when it came to women.

“Seems awful tiny.
And don't you fear being in
these haunted woods, alone?” He folds his arms and stares her down.

pray she keeps up the facade. He cannot find me. Not in my current state. I
must change the curse before I can go back.

into his personal space, her eyes narrow. “I can take care of myself. If you're
not convinced, I will show you all the other ways I know how to kill.”

his hands up in surrender, Darien takes a step back.
No need. I'm sure you can take care of yourself very well.”

eyes widen as she works her gaze over the length of him. She tilts her head and
I can see the wheels turn in her mind.
His accent.
His eyes.
His build. She's connecting the dots. Aye, my Rose
is clever. And it makes me love her more.

you, now if you excuse me, bear and I need to have breakfast.” She turns her
eyes to me and flashes me a stunning smile.
Part of me wonders
if she can see right through me and connect
the dots even further,
realizing who I am.

beckons me to follow her as she turns and heads back to the cottage. Darien
catches her arm.

sorry. Just one question, if I might have a moment of your time?” he pleads.

question,” she says with a huff and crosses her arms, covering her almost
exposed breasts sitting atop her corset and blushed by the chill in the air.

looking for my brother. He's been missing for some time. I'd almost given up hope
of finding him until someone recently told me they'd seen him here, near the
river. You wouldn't
to have seen someone by
here in the last week or so?”

her bottom lip, she gives a shake of her head. “No, I haven't paid that much
attention really. What does he look like?”

like me only a tad older. We have the same eyes and build. But his hair may be
longer now. Please, he may be in grave danger and I must find him.” He pleads
to her with his eyes and for a moment, worry hardens her face as she wavers.

Rose. Do not give in. Yet I wonder what this danger is of which he speaks. And
who gave him tell that I'm out here.

be sure and let you know if I see him.”
Squaring her
shoulders, her lips purse to a thin line as she brushes him off.

my good girl. I shall properly reward her tonight.

you don't even know who I am, do you?” His eyes knit together as a sly grin
curls over his lips.
“How would you find me if you do see

hands settle on her hips as she sticks her chest out. “You've been staring at
my breasts most of our conversation, sir. I'm sure you'll come back and check
in with me.”

her in action turns me on. Though the look in my
eyes as he salivates over her body sends a spear of jealousy through me. If he
dares make a move, he'll earn a brotherly swat from my bear paw.

I have the honor of knowing your name, fair maiden?” He dashes in front of her
as she takes a step to leave once more.

she says with a devilish smile and continues on her walk to the house.

quirks a brow with a smirk.
“Don't you want to know who I am?”

I?” She tosses me a quick glance, as if asking me for confirmation.

heart pounds as I wait for my brother's response. If he lets her know he's
royalty, then she'll make the connection to me. I'm not ready for her to know.
I'm not ready to spill the secret that will separate me from her forever. That
day will not be today.

BOOK: Unbearable
5.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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