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Misty Moon: Book 1

BOOK: Misty Moon: Book 1
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Misty Moon

Book 1

Ella Price


This book is a work of fiction, and
does not represent real events. Characters, names, places, and
incidents are works of the authors imagination and do not depict
any real event, or person living or dead.

Copyright © 2014 by Ella

All rights reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced,
scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic

First Edition: January 2014


Cover by

The Pack

My mother stood in front of my bed and
glared down at me. I was making it a point to ignore her. I was
eighteen now and I didn’t have to listen to anything she

You are going with your
father whether you are packed or not. He will be here in an hour.
So if you want to take your things I suggest you get packing,” she

I’m not going,” I said
absently as I flipped through a magazine.

You are going! I am tired
of your behavior! You need to be in a pack where you can be taught
responsibility and respect!” She stormed off without giving me a
chance to reply.

I just rolled my eyes and looked back
down at the magazine. If I was a human, being eighteen would be
enough to be on my own, but I wasn’t. I was a lycanthrope or as
some would say a werewolf. Werewolves were not considered adults
until their twenty first birthday. It had always just been my
mother and me. She separated from her pack when I was born. She
hated packs and now she was sending me to one. My father lived in a
pack in the middle of nowhere. I wasn’t looking forward to going,
and I was going to do everything I could to protest.

The pack hierarchy was annoying. There
was a head male who ruled like a king. The others had to do as he
said when he said. Sometimes he had a mate and she was usually the
head female, but not always. Sometimes another female would be the
head female and would only answer to the head male. Packs had
ranking fights to determine each wolf’s rank. It was like they were
living in the Dark Ages and I wasn’t looking forward to it. If you
didn’t rank high up then you were a pee on. I liked being a lone
wolf and not answering to anyone. My mother on the other hand was
tired of me not answering to anyone so she was going to punish me
by sending me with my father.

My door opened and my father came in.
He looked as hard as I remember. I hadn’t seen him in almost two
years. Most of the time he would call and check on me, and that was
about it. He was tall and broad. I knew he was the pack second.
That was about the only thing I had going for me. My father wasn’t
a pee on. I looked just like him. I had curly golden blond hair and
ice blue eyes just like him. There was no mistaking that I was his

I glared at him. “You could knock,” I
said trying to be a pain.

He raised his eyebrows in annoyance. “I
see why your mother called me. Let’s go Kylie,” he

I’m not going. I don’t want
to go to your stupid pack,” I snapped as I sat up.

His expression darkened. “You don’t
have a choice, and I don’t have the time to fight with you,” he

Then don’t fight. Just
leave,” I said as I stood up and turned away from him.

He caught me by my wrist and pulled me
toward him. “You can go easily or I can force you. I prefer we not
get off on the wrong foot Kylie,” he growled.

I glared at him. I wasn’t going to be
pushed around. I was too stubborn and arrogant to allow that. I
pulled away from him and he retaliated by smacking me. This was
what I hated about wolves in packs. They were always ready to
fight. My temper was getting the better of me. I swung at him and
caught him in the jaw. He collapsed to the floor and I stood there
stunned. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t think I would knock him
out and I definitely didn’t want to be here when he woke

I hurried out of the room and down the
stairs. I hesitated when I saw my mother and another large male
wolf standing at the base of the stairs. He looked up at me first
and I froze. He was one of the most gorgeous men I had ever seen
and it startled me a little. He was easily over six feet tall and
broad. His skin was tanned, like it was his natural skin color. He
had wavy, shoulder length black hair, and green eyes.

My mother’s voice caught my attention
and I shifted my gaze to her. “Kylie where is your father?” my
mother asked watching me. She knew me better than anyone, and I
knew she sensed something wrong.

Umm…” I started not sure
what I should say. I wasn’t counting on my father bringing

Kylie!” my father yelled
from my room. He was awake and I needed to get the hell out of

I cussed and jumped over the stair
railing and took off running. I ran through the back of the house
toward the back door and I could hear someone behind me. I grabbed
the door handle, but before I could turn the knob I was thrown back
into the table and chairs. I scrambled to my feet and the male who
was standing at the base of the stairs with my mother was blocking
my path to the door.

Kylie!” my mother yelled
storming into the kitchen. My father followed her looking just as
pissed off as she did.

I’m not going!” I

Oh yes you are. I don’t
care if I have to bound, gag, and toss you in the trunk of the damn
car you are going!” my father bellowed.

I scowled and looked at the other male
trying to determine if it would be worth it to attempt to go
through him. “I wouldn’t,” he said sounding slightly

I looked back at my parents and they
looked determined. I decided to go for it, it wasn’t like I had
much to lose. I lunged for the back door, and as soon as I moved
the male blocking the door was on me. We fell to the floor and I
rolled so I was facing him. I brought my knee up catching him in
the crotch. He cussed and raised his fist. Everything went


I woke up and I felt horrible. I felt
drained of all my energy. I had never once felt like this. Being a
lycanthrope made feelings like this impossible unless I was
severely injured. I was lying across the backseat. My father was in
the passenger seat and the other guy was driving. I felt like there
was a heavy weight around my neck. I reached up and cussed when my
fingertips burned from whatever I touched. It had to be silver.
That explained the loss of energy. My kind didn’t do well with
silver, packs used it to control younger wolves and I had a feeling
that was what the silver around my neck was.

Get it off,” I growled as I
sat up.

No, you gave us no choice
by attacking us,” my father said without even looking at

I was no threat to them now. The silver
necklace would basically make me human. I had no strength, and I
couldn’t heal if I was wearing it. Most of the necklaces were made
so only someone immune to silver could take them off. The other
male looked at me through the rearview mirror and I looked away.
“This is bullshit,” I muttered.

What is bullshit is the
fact that you are so uncontrollable that I have to come get you,
then you attack me and Dominic,” my father said angrily.

You started it!” I

I am your father and you
are not an adult in my eyes until you turn twenty one!” he was
turned in his seat and glaring at me.

I felt like a little girl being chided
and I didn’t like it. “Whatever,” I grumbled and slumped down in my
seat as I looked out the window.


I didn’t speak and it seemed like it
was taking forever. Werewolves did things opposite of humans. We
were awake at night and we slept during the day. Dominic drove
until around eight in the morning then he pulled into a cheap
hotel. My father lived all the way across the country so we
wouldn’t be there until early the next morning.

We can clean up and get
some sleep; then get back on the road,” Dominic said then climbed

My father looked at me. “You better not
cause any problems or I am going to hand you over to Dominic and
let him reprimand you,” he growled.

I scoffed. “What is he you boyfriend or
something?” I knew he wasn’t; it just irritated male werewolves to
say that. It was very rare for a werewolf to be gay because of the
animal instinct to reproduce. The only time it really happened was
when a werewolf was created by turning a human instead of being
born into it.

I swear Kylie,” my father
growled and climbed out of the car. He opened my door and yanked me
out of the back seat. “Dominic is our pack leader.”

Your pack leader,” I
countered as he guided me toward the hotel by my arm.

Dominic came out of the office and
handed my father a key card. “Get me if you need anything,” he said
then walked to his own room.

My dad led me to our room and unlocked
the door. It was a room with twin beds. I sat down on the closest
bed and looked around. “I don’t have any clothes or anything,” I
said softly.

That is your fault. Watch
TV I am going to shower,” he snapped then walked into the bathroom
and shut the door.

I looked at the door and debated
running. He was in the shower, but he had crazy good hearing so he
would hear me leave. I was weak thanks to the necklace so I was
kind of screwed. The only chance I had was waiting for him to
actually be in the shower.

I peeked out the window and looked at
the door Dominic had gone in. It looked quiet, maybe he had already
gone to bed. I didn’t want to stay here, and my chances of running
were slim. I took a deep breath and rested my hand on the door
handle. I counted to three and bolted. I ran toward the highway;
with very little strength one of the two of them would overtake me
if I ran toward the woods. I was suddenly tackled and thrown to the
ground. Dominic pinned me and grinned down at me. He was shirtless
and in just his jeans.

You have to be kidding me,”
I growled angrily.

You really didn’t think I
was waiting for you to run?” he asked amused. He got to his feet
and pulled me to mine. There was no point fighting because with the
necklace I was no match for him. It would be like a human fighting
a werewolf, nearly impossible. I stayed silent as he led me back up
to the hotel. My father was standing there looking as pissed off as

You take her since she
thinks she doesn’t have to do as I say,” my father growled and
stomped back into his room.

Well that means you’re with
me babe,” Dominic said smiling as he pulled me toward his

I reluctantly followed. He was nice to
admire, but he was being a pain in the ass. He led me in his room
and I hesitated when I saw there was only one bed. “There’s only
one bed,” I said nervously.

Yes, you are sleeping with
me, so I can make sure we don’t have to go for another run down the
highway,” he said obviously amused at my shock.

I’m not sleeping with you!” I

He laughed. “Yes you are. You should
just cooperate. Nothing you have done so far has gotten you out of

I scowled at him and crossed my arms in
defiance. He unbuttoned his pants and went to slide them down. My
eyes widened and I turned away from him. “Why are you taking you
pants off?” I asked horrified.

Because I sleep naked,” he
whispered. He was closer to me than I thought. My skin tingled at
the sound of his voice. I didn’t turn around to look. I walked
quickly to the bed and sat down refusing to look at him. I had
never seen a guy naked and I wasn’t about to look at him naked. I
kicked my shoes off and laid down.

I felt him climb on the bed next to me
and my heart started to race. I knew he wasn’t going to do
anything, but the fact that he was naked next to me was enough to
make me crazy.

I can tell you haven’t been
in a pack because nudity is normal where I am from. You are going
to get quite a shock,” he said amused as he made himself

BOOK: Misty Moon: Book 1
6.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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