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More Than Miles (A Lost Kings MC Novel)

BOOK: More Than Miles (A Lost Kings MC Novel)
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More Than Miles
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More Than Miles (Lost Kings MC #6)

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Chapter Fourteen
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Chapter Eighteen
Chapter Nineteen
Chapter Twenty
Chapter Twenty-One
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Chapter Twenty-Five
Chapter Twenty-Six
Chapter Twenty-Seven
Chapter Twenty-Eight
Chapter Twenty-Nine
Chapter Thirty
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Chapter Thirty-Four
Chapter Thirty-Five
Chapter Thirty-Six
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Chapter Thirty-Eight
Chapter Thirty-Nine
Chapter Forty
Chapter Forty-One
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Chapter Forty-Three
Chapter Forty-Four
Chapter Forty-Five
Chapter Forty-Six
Chapter Forty-Seven
Chapter Forty-Eight
Chapter Forty-Nine
Chapter Fifty
Chapter Fifty-One
Chapter Fifty-Two
Chapter Fifty-Three
Chapter Fifty-Four
Chapter Fifty-Five
Chapter Fifty-Six
Chapter Fifty-Seven
Chapter Fifty-Eight
Chapter Fifty-Nine
Chapter Sixty
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More Than Miles
(Lost Kings MC #6)

by Autumn Jones Lake


Blake “Murphy” O’Callaghan, Road Captain of the Lost Kings MC, has the world by the balls. Money. Women. The wide-open road. It’s all his, everything he wants…except the one girl he loves, the one girl who’s off limits. His best friend’s little sister, Heidi.


Abandoned by her mother when she was only eight, Heidi Whelan’s familiar with heartbreak. Especially the heartbreak of falling in love with her big brother’s best friend. When Murphy pushed her away, it broke her heart. Now, on her eighteenth birthday, he claims he loves her? Growing up around the Lost Kings MC, Heidi’s witnessed his manwhoring ways. He’ll never give that up for her. Besides, he’s too late: Heidi’s in love with her high-school boyfriend Axel.


Axel Ryan loves two things—motorcycles and Heidi. He signed up to be a prospect for the Lost Kings MC because it seemed like a fun way to get closer to her. Now that he’s gotten a taste of MC life, he’s not so sure this is where he belongs. He’s confident Heidi shares his dreams for the future, so even if he chooses another road, their relationship will survive the detour.


With more than miles between them, will the deceptions they’ve lived with for so long be too much to overcome? Can Murphy convince Heidi that the hard roads they’ve traveled will lead to the most beautiful destination of all, or is he destined to ride the open road alone?

The number of people who need to be thanked for making More Than Miles come to life might be longer than the actual book! I hope I don’t forget anyone, but if I do it’s not that I don’t appreciate you.


First, thank you to my readers. Your love of my characters continued support, and eagerness for each new book continues to amaze me. As a life-long reader, I know how many choices you have when you pick up a book. That you choose to read—sometimes re-read—my stories is beyond flattering. Thank you.


My critique partners, Cara Connelly, Kari W. Cole, and Virginia Frost. I don’t think I thank you enough for all of your support, encouragement, and help. You make Wednesday my favorite day of the week.


K.A. Mitchell, my friend, and mentor. You’re one of my favorite people in the whole world. Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do to help me become a better writer.


Lili Saint Germain, thank you for your cover advice and helping me focus on the why.


Angi J., Amanda, Brandy, Chris, Clarisse, Elizabeth, Iveta, Tamra, and Shelly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me for another Lost Kings book. Andrea F., thanks for jumping in for Murphy’s book!


Vanessa Bridges, my patient editor, thank you again for your dedication to helping me refine and shape Murphy’s story. Thank you for continuing to go beyond what’s required. Even if I’m a little prickly at first, your advice and guidance is always appreciated.

BOOK: More Than Miles (A Lost Kings MC Novel)
9.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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