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I slowly open my eyes, wondering where I am.

The air feels thick, heavy. My eyes adjust to the orange glow that surrounds me. I try to stay calm.

Telling myself not to panic that this is just a dream.

This can’t be real. It can’t. But it is. I don’t know where I am or how I got here. I just remember going to sleep in my bed and waking up in this thing. I try to lift my arms or move my legs. They feel heavy like trying to left several weights. I slowly move my arm in front of my face. The orange fog moves as I wiggle my fingers. It’s so thick I can’t see but a few inches in front of me. I push my arm forward with my palm out hitting a wall. NO, what is this? I feel around with both my hands above me and below as far as I can reach.

Swallowing hard I realize I’m in some kind of box.

This isn’t a dream it’s a nightmare. I want to wake up, please let me wake up. I feel the terror rising inside of me, I want to scream to yell for help but no sound comes. The orange fog fills my mouth.

It’s hard to breath. My chest feels heavy. I have to get out. I push against the wall again and again.

Suddenly I hear a click and a buzz like a switch turning on. The wall opens, I fall forward as the orange fog escapes around me. I grab hold of the bars that are on the sides of the box I’m in. I pull myself out. Hanging from the bars. I have no idea how far down a drop it is. All I can see is blackness. Except for the orange glow of the lights from the box. Which appears to be some kind of metal tube. I am losing my hold on the bars, bracing for the fall. I pray it’s not to far. I land on my feet. Droping only inches. I start to laugh covering my mouth with my hands. The tears slowly roll down my cheeks as I cry soundlessly.

Whoever brought me to this place could still be near. I have to calm down and I have to think! It’s so dark, I hate the dark. At least this pitch black darkness. I take several slow deep breaths. I dry the tears off my cheeks with the back of my hands.

I hold my arms out in front of me and take several slow steps ahead. I know if I can find the wall I can follow it to the door. Maybe find a light switch on my way. I keep moving forward I don’t have to wait long till I reach the wall. I sigh in relief. So far so good. I slowly inch along the wall. My hand moves across a flat panel. Suddenly the lights flicker on. I turn around and slowly move into the middle of the room. Metal walls surround me. I look up at the box that is over head. It appears to be some type of bed. Like something out of a sci-fi movie. A strange metallic pod. I reach up touching the white sheet that hangs out of the edge of the pod. I quickly move away from it taking in my surroundings. This most be some kind of lab, I think to myself. I look at the computer on top of a metal table. Then at medical instruments and chemicals on shelfs built into the walls. It’s like nothing I have ever seen before. There is no sign of any doors but I had to been brought in somehow.

Something moves out of the corner of my eye. I jump startled turning to see what is there. I move towards the mirror that shows my reflection. I stare back at the green eyes that look back at me. I flatten my uncombed red hair down. “Why me? I have the worst luck ever.” I say aloud. “Pitty session later, Dorothy.” I turn slowly back.

Looking around I notice another panel similar to the one that turn on the lights. Maybe that is the one for the door I think to myself as I walk towards it. I reach my hand up to it hesitating. Oh, what’s the worst that could happen? I wave my hand in front of it. Half of the wall to my right begins to retract into the ceiling. Revealing a huge window. I stand there in shock at the view of the world outside.

There before me is a green forest like jungle stretching as far as I can see. But it’s the purple sky and two moons that has my mouth falling open. I pitch my arm hard to make sure I’m awake.

“Ouch.” Definitely awake. I step closer to the window looking around. Realizing that I wasn’t inside of a building but a space ship. A space ship that is on another planet. I turn around seeing only one more panel that I haven’t tried yet. Did I even want to know what was behind door number three?

I think to myself. I walk over to the other side of the room. I wave my hand over the panel and wait.

The door slides open and I stare out into a deserted hallway. I start to step out into the hall and stop when a set of doors slide open at the other end. A man steps out followed by two other men on each side of him. He’s shorter then the other two and is wearing something like a lab coat. The other two men are wearing white long sleave shirts and black pants. There black boots coming up to their calves.

They appear to be guards although they don’t seem to be carrying weapons. These beings seem to be human for all purposes. Until I saw their very pale eyes, causing me to tremble with fear. I step back into the room watching the door slide shut infront of me. This can’t be happening. I quickly look around wondering where I could hide. I could crawl back into the tube. I think to myself. If they hadn’t seen me in the doorway, which I knew that they had.

Looking around I could see there was no where to hide. The tube was the last place I wanted to be I thought looking up at it. So I slowly turn around to face the door and await my kidnappers. I took several deep breaths and force myself to be brave.

Even though that’s the last thing that I felt. I square my shoulders and as the doors slide open I declare.

“Who are you and why have you brought me here?”

The man in the middle eyes me with a look that could be pride. But that can’t be right. Probably wondering what a strange creature I am. The man along with his guards bows to me. Then he says as they straighten themselves. “Forgive me for not having return sooner. I had wish to be present for when you awoke but our Captain had need of me else where. As for who we are well, I am Zan and these are your personal guards. The reason for where and why you are here is not for me to explain. But know this, that no harm shall come to you.” I stood there waiting for him to say more.

When he did not and began to aproach me. I said, “I demand to know why you have brought me here!” Zan shakes his head. “My Lady, please, understand that you will be explain everything shortly. For now I most run some test.” I ask, “What test, your not running any alien test on me.”

I look around for some kind of weapon and find nothing. Only a large book that is in a language that I have never seen before now. Holding it like a bat I exclaim. “Don’t come any closer or I’ll hit you!”

Right alot of damage that will do, Dorothy. I think to myself. He stops and raise his hands saying.

“There is no need for fear, My Lady. The tests I wish to do are only to make sure you are completely healthy that is all. As well as a simple
communication device that will allow you to speak with our people and they you.”

“Who are your

people?” I calmly ask as I lower the book a little.

He sighs saying, “I wish I could explain everything to you but as I said before it....” I exclaim, “I know it’s not your place. Well, is there anything that you can tell me?” He looks at me apologetically with his eerie pale eyes. “If I refuse to do these test, will you force me.” I ask. “No force would ever be used.” He said in shock like that would be unheard of. “But, you will not be allow to leave the medical room until the test are carried out. It is for our people’s well being as well as yours.” I sat the book back on the table. I nod at him, realizing I would have to cooperate if I wanted answers. He smiles at me saying, “You are as brave as we have all hoped.”

He seems to want to say more but does not. Zan motions for me to take a set on the chair next to the table. He picks up a tube like device with small lights on it. Explaining to me that it is a type of scanner similar to the x-ray machines on earth. But far more advanced. After scanning me he picks up another device. It is a metlic silver like metal tube more slimmer then the other without any lights. He smiles at me. “This is how I will draw some blood.

You will only feel a numbing feeling and that is all.

It is quiet painless, My Lady.” He then presses the device to my upper arm. He pulls it away and looks at the side. He smiles at me exclaiming, “You are in perfect health!” I ask him, “Where is the blood?”

He explains to me that the device only requires a drop of blood and from that it can tell him everything he needs to know. After inserting the commcation device, which is nano size chip, behind my ear. He nods and smiles at me. “I will return shortly. Your guards will be right outside if you need anything.” With that he turns and leaves the room. I sat there confused and yet relieved that they didn’t seem to want to hurt me. I look down at my pajamas. Wondering what time it was on earth.

I try not to think about all the negative reasons for why they would have brought me to this world. I walk over to the window. Huging myself I think of escape, but where would I go. I look back on my 40

years thinking of all the things I have and haven’t done. I had a nice apartment to call home and a good job that paid the bills. But I could have been so much more. I could have done so much more. I have an Iq way above normal. I had went through high school and college while still in my teens. I could have done any thing, but I hadn’t. I had no family or friends. Which was how I preferred it. I had learned in my youth not to relay on anyone else.

That being past from one foster family to another was to blame for the person I had become. But I knew that I had chose not to trust anyone. That I didn’t want to be hurt any more. Now I’m here on this planet wishing I had let someone into my little circle. Wishing there was someone back on earth that would even notice I was gone. That would even care. I sigh, squaring my shoulders. I have to stay strong. Whatever I’m fixing to face I have to keep my wits about me. Although these beings seem to wish me no harm. They brought me here for a reason and until I know what that is I have to be careful. I turn back around at the sound of the door sliding open. Zan steps inside followed by two beautiful twin females. Their both wearing elegant gowns with brooches attached to the straps. Zan speaks as he motions to the female on his right.

“This is Sara.” And then to his left. “And this is Zara. They shall show you to your room and assist you in preparing for dinner. I will excort you to see our Captain once you are ready.” With that he bows and then turns leaving the lab. Not giving me a chance to ask him anything. The women both bow towards me. Sara speaks first. “My Lady, shall we show you to your room?” She smiles at me waiting for my answer. I nod mumbling, “Doesn’t look like I have any other choice.” Zara ask, “What was that, My Lady?” I smile saying, “Lead the way. My name is Dorothy so you don’t have to call me, My Lady.” They look at each other then smile shyly at me. They reply, “Yes, My Lady.” They turn to walk out of the room with me following close behind. I felt more like a prisoner then a guess as the two tall guards close in behind me. We continue walking down the hall and get onto an elevator.

The ride was so smooth I couldn’t tell whether we were traveling up or down. The doors slide quickly open without making a sound. We step out into a multiple hallway. As we walk down it, everyone else stops walking, bowing as we past by them. It was so odd. I guess it is some kind of strange custom of theirs, I think to myself. Sara comes to a stop at an elaborate mark door. She waves her hand in front of the panel that’s on the right side and the door slides open. Sara and Zara step aside allowing me to step inside first. They follow me inside with the guards remaining outside the entrance. “This...

This is my room?” I ask in shock. They both smile saying together, “Yes.” The room was very large with a beautifully carved bed. The carving was similar to the pictures on the brooches that the women and guards were wearing. Images of a bear, half lizard creature was carved into the wood. The creature was even shown flying in some of the carvings. “I hope this is not a real animal.” I exclaim out loud. Sara answers me, “Oh, the Eartepas are very real, My Lady. But, there is no reason to fear them. They are much like the animals you call... Mmmm, what is the word, oh yes, horses. They are plant eaters as well, even though their appearance would lead one to think other wise.” I shiver at the thought although part of me would love to see one. I shake my head at that as I turn to look at the women. I smile at them.

Zara speaks, “My Lady, I shall go prepare your bath.” She then turns walking over to a small panel waving her hand in front of it. She then disappears into another room. Sara gentle takes me by the hand and guides me towards another door. The doors slides open revealing a large closet full of beautiful dresses. She begins to look through them.

Pausing once and while to glance at me then back at the dresses. She finally stops at a dress that is a lovely green. She smiles saying. “This is the one.

It matches your eyes perfectly.” She walks out of the closet and lays the dress across the bed. Zara reappears and escorts me into the lavish bathroom.

BOOK: Kidnap
9.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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