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Shorty Got My Head Gone


China White

Copyright © 2016 by China White

Published by Talehia Presents


All rights reserved. The text of this publication, or any part thereof, may not be reproduced in any matter without written permission from the author and/or publisher.


This novel is a work of fiction. Character names, places, or event are of the author’s imagination. Any references to actual events or real people is entirely coincidental.


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Chapter one

On an unusually humid winter day, I sat on a bench in front of Washington High where I was a student. The sun beamed down on me, causing my Chinese bang to stick to my forehead as I broke into a sweat.

I was minding my business and listening to music on my phone while I waited for my big brother to pick me up. Out of nowhere, my earphones were yanked from my ears startling me.

"What's up Ashley baby," I looked up and saw this guy named Tyrone and two of his friends standing in front of me. He was one of those pretty popular guys that went to my school and had all the girls on him. He was a senior, tall, light skin, with curly hair, green eyes and tattoos everywhere. I can't even lie that boy was fine but I couldn't stand his ass. He was a hoe, he thought he was all that, and is rude as fuck.

"Boy I am not your baby," I said as I rolled my eyes and was about to put my ear phones back in my ear.

"Well I’m trying to make you my baby boo," Tyrone said as he grabbed my hand. He has been trying to talk to me ever since I stepped foot in Washington High. I never gave him the time of day because in all honestly he was a player and I wasn't about to be one of these stupid little broads on his playlist, looking dumb and getting played by this fool. I was young but I wasn't dumb. My brother taught me all about the game at an early age, all they do is run game to get what they want.

"Nigga don’t touch me," I told him while yanking my hand back. "And that will never happen so stop trying ok, now get the fuck out my face,” I said while brushing him off.

"Girl you know you want this good dick,"

I looked at him with my face frowned up in disgust.


'Boy I don't want yo ass, you childish as fuck, you not my type and I doubt your dick is any good,"

"Haha, whatever bitch you know you want me,"

Oh hell naw, did this nigga just call me a bitch,
I thought to myself.

"Nigga who you callin a bitch,"

"Umm I'm obviously talking to you,'' he said sarcastically, "You the only little bitch I see,"

"Oh we going to see who the bitch is when I get my brother to fuck you up," I said while standing up getting in his face. You can tell by his eyes he was a little scared but was still trying to act all hard and shit in front of his little friends.

"Man girl your brother ain't going to do....'' before he could finish he got interrupted by somebody blowing the horn.



I looked back to see my big brother in his all black BMW 750i. His windows were tented but I could see him waving for me to come on. I turned back around to Tyrone with a smirk on my face.

"Now what was that you were saying," Tyrone just shook his head. I chuckled a little at how scared he was. ''That's what I thought ole scary ass," I said while walking away. He mumbled something under his breath but I didn't hear what he said and really didn't care.

I hopped in the car and smelled nothing but weed.

''Damn bro," I rolled down the window then buckled my seat belt.

He looked out the window at Tyrone and his boys then looked at me and said, '"You good baby girl," he asked.

I looked at him with a smirk and said '' Yea I’m good Baby,''


He blasted his music and pulled off. My brother didn't like for me to catch the bus so he dropped and picked me up from school every day. My brother’s name is Bryant but people call him Baby, the nickname that my mother and father gave him when he was little. He was only 20 years old but has taken care of me ever since my parents got killed in a car crash. We lived with my father’s sister, Wanda. Yes, she took us in, but she didn't really care about us. Baby had dropped out of school at the age of 16 and started hustling in the streets of L.A., South Central to be exact. When he started hustling, he even paid all the bills in my aunt’s house. She loved that shit and seemed like that was the only reason she put up with us and acted like she liked us, but she was fake as shit. We knew her real feelings, but we put up with her ass just like she put up with us just to keep a roof over our heads.

I love my brother so much. I was spoiled and got everything I needed and wanted. I thank God for my big bro, I didn't want for anything in this world, as long as I did good in school I was straight and he made sure of that. He didn't want me to drop out like he did. I always had good grades.

Baby’s phone rang and he told me to answer it. It was his best friend, Poppi.



''Yo who this," Poppi asked yelling through the phone.

"This Ashley Poppi," I said with the biggest grin on my face. I’ve always had a huge crush on Poppi since we were younger.


''Hey shorty where your brother at,"

''He's right here," I handed Baby the phone.

''What's good bro, where the hell you been? I have been trying to reach your ass ever since this morning..."

Poppi and Baby were like two peas in a pod, and they were always together. Poppi was the only nigga he trusted with his life because Poppi actually did save his life before. He considered him a real and loyal one and there weren’t too many niggas around like that.

“.... alright bro I’ll be over there when I drop baby girl off … Alright, bet,"
''Can I ride with you, I don't want to go home,'' I asked with my lips poking out.

I didn't want to go home for two reasons, I wanted to see my crush plus I hated being home without Baby there with me.

''No you got to go home and do your homework,"

I sighed and folded my arms under my chest. I should've known that wasn't going to happen, Baby didn't like me riding around with him. He looked at me and saw me there looking pitiful with my puppy dog eyes.


''I tell you what after you finish your homework I’ll come pick you up and you can just chill out with me all night,"

I looked at him surprised ''For real,"
''Yup, now you want anything from Burger King before I drop you off,''
''Naw but I do want some chips and Now and Laters from the store,''
''Alright, I have to stop by the store to pick up some blunts anyway,"
He pulled up to the store, ''You getting out or you staying in,'' he asked.

''Ima stay in the car, make sure you get me some hot fries and some pineapple Now and Laters,"

''Alright I got you,'' he said as he got out the car and slammed the door behind him walking into the store.

As I'm waiting, a black SUV pull up behind us and parked. Nobody got out, they just sat there. For some reason, I felt off so I didn't take my eyes off them. As I'm looking through the rear view mirror at the truck, I see a black object poking out the car window. I realized it was a gun. I looked toward the store entrance and saw my brother walking out looking at his phone. All I could do was scream ''BAAAAAABY,'' He looked up at me in confusion. ''WATCH OUT,"

Shots were fired and everybody around started screaming and running trying to get out of dodge while the black SUV skirted off. I looked at the ground seeing my big brother lying there covered with blood.

''Nooooo,'' I screamed as I ran toward my brother. '

'Nooo Baby noooo,'' I said screaming and crying for him.

He was gasping for air and I heard a lady in the background telling someone to call 911.

''Baby don't die on me brother, I need you. Don’t die on me,'' I said yelling.

Blood was gushing out of his mouth. He was trying to say something but couldn't catch his breath. All I could do was cry and scream telling him ''Please don't leave me, I need you brother, help is on the way, just stay in there,''

But I could tell it was too late. A tears ran down his eyes as he looked at me while he took his last breath. I broke down crying hysterically while I held my lifeless brother in my arms like he was a baby.

In a matter of minutes, I felt my whole world crashing down on me and felt all alone without my brother, my best friend.





Chapter two
3 years later..

Walking into my boyfriend’s apartment building up the stairs to the 3rd floor where he stayed, I saw a light skin girl with red hair. She was real cute. Naw I'm not even going to lie, she was bad. She had a banging ass body with big boobs, a big ass, slim waist, cute face and a bomb ass weave. She reminded me of that stripper chick, Black Chyna, because she had her dimples pierced as well. Every time I see this girl, she gives me this dirty ass look. As I'm walking past her, she cut her eyes staring at me with a cold ass look.

''Bitch what the fuck you staring at," I shouted. She just gave me a little smirk then rolled her eyes. I swear I can't stand when motherfuckas stare, like damn bitch, at least, say hi. I wasn't too worried about her anyways because I was trying to hurry up and get to my man. I haven't seen him in a couple of days and I missed baby like crazy.

I got to his apartment and knocked on the door, no answer. I knocked again, still no answer so I got out a spare key he had given me when he first moved in. I was about to put the key inside the door knob until the door swung open.

''Damn bae it took you long enough,'' I said with a grin as I stepped through the door and gave him a big hug and a sweet kiss on the lips. I stepped back to see Tyrone half naked with a towel wrapped around his waist.

I know what you guys are thinking, out of all guys I end up with Tyrone? Tyrone has been my boyfriend for three years and I love him so much. Sounds crazy right? I know y'all wondering how we ended up together.

Right after my brother was murdered I felt so alone, but out of all people Tyrone was there for me. He was sweet, caring, and sympathetic towards me. Whenever I needed someone to talk to he was there and when I needed a shoulder to cry on he let me cry on his. He was a totally different person from when I first met him and we fell for each other. He even changed his player ways for your girl.

''What's up ma I missed you,''


''I missed you too baby," I said as I gave him another kiss. "Why you naked you must have just got out the shower," I asked.


''Naw, I'm about to go take a shower,'' he said while dropping his towel showing his lovely man hood. ''You want to join me,'' he asked while pulling me close to him and grabbing my ass. ''Damn ma you sure do look sexy today, who you trying to look good for,"

I started blushing. ''Nobody but myself," I stated while walking toward the living room. I did look good today. It was a nice day out so I wore some black high waist shorts that were showing off my tattoo on my thigh of three roses. A black crop shirt that said “nasty gal” in gold letters showing off my belly button piercing and all gold Nike wedges with a black snapback with gold studs on it.

I had straightened my hair and it reached the middle of my back. I dyed my hair platinum blonde right before the New Year and I loved the way it looked on me. It went really well with my almond skin, surprisingly. At first, I didn't think I could pull it off. I'm 5'6, weigh about 150 pounds, and have a nice size b cup, and a fat ass with hips for days.

''Man your bout to drive me crazy with that blonde hair you got, that color looks sexy as fuck on you baby,"

''Oh yea, you like," I ask seductively biting down on my lips.

''Hell yea I like that shit," he said while he stood in front of me butt ass naked. He made me so hot because he looked so damn good naked. He now had dreads that stopped right on his shoulder, his body was amazing because he worked out a lot. His whole upper body is tatted, and he has a six pack with a sexy ass V cut that led to his 10 inch dick that was on rock hard at the moment.

He sat down on the couch and grabbed me by the waist and placed me on top of him. Feeling how hard his dick was up against my clit made me so fucking wet. He started to kiss on my neck, because he knew that's my weak spot. ''Ty baby stop, no not now,” I whispered but he acted like he didn't hear me. He grabbed my ass cheeks then started sucking on my neck. I let out a loud moan “Please baby stop not now,'' I said while pulling his dreads back.

I shouldn't have done that because that made him even hornier. He reached in for a kiss, I tried to move away but he grabbed my face and went in for the kiss. He was sucking on my lips but I wasn't kissing him back so he bit my lip.

''I'm hungry, you going to feed me," he asked licking his lips.

I said ''Nope,'' popping the p. He bit down on my lip even harder.

I moaned ''Ow ok baby ok,” He started sucking on my lips again. He picked me up and turned me around so I could lie on my back.

''Take them shorts and yo mother fucking panties off," he demanded. I loved it when he took charge, it was such a turn on.


''Ok,'' I said while pulling my shorts down.

''What was that,"

''Yes daddy," he loved when I called him that.

''Hurry up and take those fucking panties off a nigga ready to eat,"

I guess I wasn't moving fast enough for him because he snatched them off of me. He grabbed both of my legs spreading them wide open, bent down and started kissing and sucking on my thighs teasing me then taking his finger and started rubbing on my clit.

''Damn baby you wet as fuck,'' he said while licking his lips.

''Yea just how you like it huh daddy,"

''Naw I love this shit,'' he said still playing with my clit.

''Fuck bae stop playing with me," I said. I couldn't take the teasing anymore.

He looked at me as I grinned but as he was about to dive in there was a knock on the door. "Damn man, who the fuck is that," I said to myself.

Tyrone shouted ''Fuck! Who the fuck is it," There was no answer. They knocked on the door again.


He kissed my pink wet pussy lips before he got up and started walking to his room. "Put your shorts on and see who's at the door for me while I go put some clothes on,"

I smacked my lips and got up to put my underwear and shorts back on. I was mad as hell at the interruption; I was just about to get some bomb ass head. ''Who the fuck could this be," I asked myself while walking to the door.

''Who is it," I asked but there was no answer.  I opened the door and saw the red headed chick standing in front of me.

She smiled at me and asked ''Is Tyrone here,"

I looked at her with a confused look and said ''Yeah he here and what the fuck you need with him,"

''That's none of your concern sweetie,"

I gave her a grimy ass look. ''Look here bitch, that's my man and he is my concern now answer my question before there’s a problem, what the fuck you need with my man,'' I asked.

She just rolled her eyes and said ''Just tell him Tricey will be back later,'' while walking off.

''Naw bitch don't come back,'' I shouted then slammed the door.

I was so freaking heated. Why the fuck this bitch knocking on my man door, and what the fuck she wanted with him? Tyrone came out the room.

''Who was that," he asked.

''Why you got bitches knocking at your door looking for you,'' I yelled.

''Huh,'' he said with a dumb look on his face.

''Man you heard what the fuck I said,'' I shouted

''What the fuck you mean bitches knocking at my door looking for me,'' he asked.

''Nigga don't play stupid, exactly what I said. Who the hell is Tricey?"

''I don't know no got damn Tricey, what the fuck you talking about man,"

''Nigga don't play me, you know who the fuck she is. That redhead bitch that stay in these apartments, why the hell she knocking at your door looking for you,"

Tyrone was quiet for a second. ''Shit I don't know why the fuck that bitch looking for me, but you need to calm your ass down, why you tripping," he asked stepping closer to me.

''Don't tell me what the fuck to do, you got a bitch knocking at your door and don't have no fucking explanation for it telling me to calm the fuck down? Man fuck you Ty I'm leaving, ain't nobody got time to be playing games with yo ass,'' I said before walking past him headed for the door.

''Man Ashley who the fuck you think you talking to like that? You better gone somewhere with that bullshit you saying, where the fuck you think you going huh ma,'' he said while grabbing my arm and pushing me down on the couch.

I stood back up and got in his face. ''I'm not about to stay here with your lying ass, you probably fucking that hoe,''

He didn't say anything. ''I don't got time for this," I told him then pushed him out my way.

He roughly grabbed both of my arms hurting me. ''Don't try me, Ashley, I told you I'm not fucking that girl and that's that,''

I just stood staring at him. I don't know If I believed him or not.

''What you don't trust me now, that's how it's going to be," he asked.


I just stood there staring not saying a word. Not really knowing what to say. Do I trust him?

''Fuck it then, if that's how you feel, leave," he said pushing me while letting go of my arms.

I hate the fact that my mind telling me this nigga done fucked that bitch but my heart telling me something different. That he loved me too much to ever cheat on me, he would never break my heart like that. What the hell I'm tripping off of, I dealt with plenty of hoes who wanted my man and she is probably one of them.

''No,'' I said softly.

''What you mean, you don't trust me get the hell out my house then Ashley,'' he said pointing to the door.

''No bae, I don't want to leave, I do trust you. I was just tripping, you know how I get,” I said while I grabbed his hand.

He had grabbed my chin facing me to look at him. ''Say sorry," he demanded.

''I'm sorry baby,'' I said.

He smirked at me and licked his lips. ''Now take them motherfucking panties back off,"
Later on that day

Tyrone had dropped me off in front of my house in Cross Wood projects. I still stayed with my Aunt Wanda but I was hardly ever home. I was either at my boyfriend house or my home girl Teeko, I couldn't stand being there. Her and her daughter treated me like shit after my brother died. I never understood why they hated me so much, but guess what, I hated their asses too. I couldn't wait to turn 18 so I could move out and be out the system.

I gave Tyrone a kiss before I got out the car. ''I’ll call you later ok babe, Love you,''

''Ok love you too,'' he said back.

I slammed the door behind me and he drove off.

I dreaded walking in the house because my aunt always had some shit to say. The main reason why I came back home today was because I had to get my money so I could re-up. I started slanging weed about four months ago. I got into a car crash and lost my job at Forever 21. I needed to save up enough money so I could get my car out the shop. I could've been got my car out the shop but every time I save up enough money, my auntie would ask me to pay a bill or something. I couldn't understand why she always asked me for money and the city paid her to keep me. Plus, the rent was only $24 dollars and she had her grown ass daughter that stayed there not helping out with shit. My aunt would spend all the money she got for keeping me on alcohol and scratch off tickets and expected me to pay all the bills.

I walked in the house and didn't see anybody. ''Thank God,'' I said to myself.

I ran upstairs to my room I shared with my cousin Keisha. She was dirty and was comfortable living in filth. She had clothes everywhere and I couldn't help but see her dirty ass panties that had a big ass period stain right in the middle of the floor. I almost threw up in my mouth. I rushed to my bed and pulled the mattress up so I could get my money. I counted out about $200 out my stash and put it in my purse. I was trying to hurry up before anybody could see me. As I'm walking out my room, I see my Auntie coming out the bathroom.

''Shit,'' I said to myself. I was about to walk down the stairs but my aunt stopped me.

''Where the hell you think you about to go little girl,'' she asked.

BOOK: Shorty Got My Head Gone
9.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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