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Lee lay there, as Lexi returned to teasing his entire body.  This time with her lips and teeth, alternately letting her lips glide softly across his skin and biting him lightly on his nipples, then sides, then thighs before moving her mouth over his aching cock, which by now was as hard as the steel of the bed frame.  She licked the enormous mushroomed head back and forth, teasing the little piece of skin that connected it to the shaft below as he squirmed beneath her.  She worked her way down the length of the underside of his long rod, flicking her tongue back and forth across the heavy vein that ran down its length.

He groaned as she settled her mouth on his balls, sucking them one by one into her mouth and twirling them around as she brought her hand up to stroke his cock.  She looked up at him as she licked the area between his balls and anus with her tongue, letting her saliva run down between his legs.  She moved her mouth back up to his cock, taking the head in her mouth and sucking it lightly before making her way down the entire length with her mouth.  She let the head bounce off her tonsils before sliding him back out of her mouth and then repeating until she was bobbing up and down his shaft, deep throating him as he lay there, trying to be quiet as instructed.

Lexi reached her hand between his legs and began rubbing his asshole with her finger.  She felt him tense below her as she slowly slid just the tip inside, massaging it gently as she continued to suck his cock.  She felt him relax a little and slid it a little further in, continuing to massage the sensitive inner membrane with her finger.  She could feel his dick throbbing and pulsating against the walls of her mouth as she sucked him off and knew he wasn’t far from orgasm.

She increased the friction and speed against his aching member until his hips bucked forward and he released his steaming load into her mouth.  She swallowed and sat up to let him watch her lick the residual from the corners of her mouth.  She picked up the remote laying on the bed beside her and pushed a button that relaxed the restraints and removed them from his ankles and wrists.

Once he was off the bed, she hit the other buttons to put it back into his benign form.  Lee walked towards her and took her in his arms.  “That was incredible.  I wasn’t so sure about being strapped down like that but I like your style, Lexi” he said with a wink.  They walked over to the shower area on the other side of the room, another of Lexi’s designs.  It looked like a wall sconce.  Wooden back with a heavy hanging chain that had a candle holder grasped between its clawed bottom, but if you pushed the button on its side, two thin wires pushed out from either side in two semi-circles that came together at the back, enclosing a small area directly in front of the sconce.  The floor below it opened up to reveal a circular drain and a shallow barrier pushed up from the floor.  The entire area became a shower.  Water actually ran through the hollowed out chains and pulsated from the bottom of the supposed candleholder.

Lee watched it take shape with fascination.  ‘I don’t know where you get this stuff from, Lexi.  They are like something out of a gothic science fiction movie.  They stepped into the shower and washed each other off with the soaps that were hidden in the compartment that had been below the floor.

Lee could feel himself getting aroused again at the touch of Lexi’s smooth soft skin as he washed her body.  He pushed her forward so that she was leaning against the wall behind the shower curtains and entered her from behind, cupping her pale breasts in his hands as he moved slowly in and out of her tight pink hole.  He made love to her slowly, sliding into her deeply and grinding his hips into her ass until he felt her body shudder with her first orgasm.

He reached forward and place his hand around her throat, not enough to harm her, just resting it there with a very gentle pressure as he pinned her body between his and the wall, fucking her with more urgency until he was slamming into her full force.  She moaned loudly as he assaulted her smooth pussy again and again.  He felt her legs begin to twitch and her body convulse with a second, powerful orgasm.  He continued to pound into her until he filled her up with his own juices.  They lingered there for a moment, leaning against the wall, before stepping back into the hot water of the shower and washing each other clean again.

Afterwards, Lexi grabbed some towels from a nearby cabinet and they dried off before heading upstairs.  They climbed naked into Lexi’s bed and slept, peacefully intertwined.  It was both the first time Lexi had slept peacefully with a man and the first time she had slept well at all since her split with Drake.  She couldn’t believe she was thinking about him now but it wasn’t long before the thoughts of him were gone and she was sleeping blissfully in Lee’s arms. 


The next morning, they were both up with the birds.  Lee was up to meet the men that were installing a pool behind the house and Lexi had to get to work.  She had resigned from her position with the company in Texas some time ago when the sales of her inventions became enough to support herself but she still consulted for them from time to time when they needed her help.  Today, however, she had a new idea running through her head and she wanted to get started on it before the inspiration slipped.  She sat down at her computer and began working on the new schematics. 

Before she knew it, it was lunchtime and she felt famished.   She went down to the kitchen to dig around in the fridge for food and found some leftover chicken salad.  She grabbed some lettuce and a couple of tomatoes from the crisper and sliced them into sections at the top, pulling them open and stuffing them with a handful of the lettuce before topping it off with a big scoop of chicken salad in each.  She sat down to eat one and covered the other for Lee to eat when he came in from the pool work being done.

She poured a nice glass of white zinfandel and drank it with her meal.  It was rare for her to drink so early in the day but she felt very mellow today and decided it would be a good idea.  She thought back to the night on the couch at her old apartment, drinking Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill with her friend Sam and laughed.  She’d come a long way since then.  She realized that it had been a long time since she’d seen Sam and decided to give her a call.  She finished her lunch and walked over to the portable phone to dial Sam’s number, surprised that she could still remember it after all this time.

Sam answered after a few rings and Lexi realized that she had woken her.  “Hello?” she said sleepily into the phone.

“Sam, its Lexi!” she said cheerfully.  Did I wake you?” she asked, already knowing that she did.

“Uh, yes….I worked last night.  Yeah.  Lexi?  Oh my God,” she said, waking up mid-sentence, if that is what you could call her almost incoherent mumbling on the other end of the phone.  “Lexi!  How are you?  I thought you had forgotten all about me,” she said.

“I know, Sam.  I’m so sorry.  I’ve just been so busy.  I want to see you,” she said.  “Perhaps we can get together this weekend?  I’ll come to you, unless you want to make a trip out to the country.”

“No, you know I don’t do the sticks.  Just come to the apartment and we will go out on the town.  It’ll be like old times,” she said.

“Okay, but be warned…I’m not drinking any Strawberry Hill,” Lexi teased.

“Got it,” Sam replied.  “See you Saturday, around six will be good.”

Lexi hung up the phone, smiling to herself.  “Well, someone is happy,” Lee said as he walked into the kitchen.  “You want to come out to the yard and see the big hole you have out there?  We can spray some water in it and mud wrestle, if you’d like,” he said happily.

Lexi laughed at him as he bent down and kissed her forehead.  “I made you a stuffed tomato for lunch, if you’d like it,” she told him.  She heard him rummaging around in the refrigerator and then he was beside her with the tomato and a bottle of green tea. 

“They aren’t done for the day, are they?” Lexi asked.  It was only one p.m.

“Nah, they knocked off for lunch.  They are sitting around under the elm trees along the fence line eating lunch.  They have gotten a lot done since they’ve been here though.  Those boys don’t play,” he said.  He began to eat his lunch while still looking at Lexi’s pretty face. 

Her pale skin was like porcelain and her rich auburn hair and blue eyes offset it beautifully.  Of course he had been unable to resist her, but he had not expected the aggressive, dominant side of her he found in the basement last night.  Perhaps he should have expected it considering the contraptions she built, but he guessed he had perceived her more on the opposite side of the realm before that.

“I’m going into downtown Saturday night,” she said.  “I don’t know if I will be home.  My friend Sam and I are getting together and we tend to stay out late and not be in any condition to drive home,” she said nonchalantly. 

“You are going into Atlanta to spend the night with some other guy and you are that blunt about it?” he said. 

Lexi examined his face.  She could see the tightness of his jaws and flushed cheeks.  Why would he be angry about her going to spend an evening with Sam?  Oh….Sam.  She laughed and watched his face flush hotter.  “Sam, as in Samantha, a friend from down the hall in my old apartment,” she said.

Lee felt embarrassed.  “I’m sorry.  I just thought…I guess I don’t know what we are now.  I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel,” he said.

Lexi reached out her hand towards him.  She liked that he felt a bit possessive.  She spoke softly, looking into his kind brown eyes.  ‘Lee,  we are exactly where we are supposed to be, feeling exactly what we should be feeling,” she said.

She saw his whole body relax as he leaned forward and kissed her.  “thank you Lexi.”

He picked up his plate and took it to the kitchen, rinsing it off and putting it in the dishwasher.  “I have to get back to these boys in the yard,” he said.  “Perhaps we can go out for a nice dinner together later on when they are gone,” he said.

“That would be nice,” Lexi replied.  She got up from the counter as he headed outside.  She went back to her office and began working on her design again.  She lost track of time until she heard Lee come in the door behind her.

“Lexi, it’s almost six.  Are you getting to a stopping point for dinner?” he asked.  Lee had learned long ago that it was best not to interrupt Lexi when she was in the middle of working on something.  She was like a crazed Dr. Frankenstein working on bringing life to her monster.

“Yes, yes…I’m good.  Let me shut all of this down and change so we can go,” she said.  She finished up at her desk and changed into a simple red shift and red wedged sandals.


  Although it was fall, it was still quite warm outside.  This was the best time of the year, when it was still warm but the humidity of the summer had passed into cool mornings and evenings.  Later, it would be cooler, so she grabbed a light jacket for that inevitability.

She and Lee headed out in her Volvo.  Even though Lexi was now a successful engineer and business woman and well on her way to being a millionaire, she was still driving her second hand Volvo that her parents had bought her before their demise.  She thought that perhaps it was time to let go of the past, all of it.  “Lee, tomorrow I’d like to buy us a new car,” she said.  Lee looked at her with a strange expression. 

“We both need one.  I have been driving this Volvo since I was sixteen and it was ten years old when I got it, so now it’s pushing twenty years old.  I can’t even guess how old that truck of yours must be,” she said.

“Lexi, I will be happy to help you pick out a car, but I can’t let you buy me one too.  You’ve already done so much for me and it’s just too much,” he said.

“Lee, we need a new truck for the house and property.  Yours isn’t dependable.  If you won’t let me buy one for you, then I will buy one for the house that you will be required to drive,” she said sternly.  Lee laughed at her. 

“Yes ma’am,” he replied.

“And another thing, I want you to redecorate your room.  You’ve redecorated every room of my house for me, except yours.  You are still watching a television that looks like it was built in the seventies and the rest of the furniture in there, other than what was there when you arrived, came from the foreclosure leftovers.  It’s time you finished the job,” she said.

“We sure are bossy tonight, aren’t we?” he said playfully.

“Yes, we are,” Lexi replied with a sly smile.  “When we get home from dinner, I will show you just how bossy I can be,” she told him.

Lee smiled at the open road as they got on the loop and headed to Atlanta.  She was surprised when they arrived at The Café for dinner.  It had been a long time since she had been here.  The last time had been with Drake for brunch.  She let the memory slide as she tried to embrace her new life with Lee. 

They were escorted to a nice seat in a quiet section and sat down to enjoy their dinner.  Lee ordered a nice bottle of Chianti and they chatted frankly about their upbringings. 

It turned out that Lee had grown up in a well to do family but had parted ways with his father after his mother committed suicide, largely due to finding out that her husband was sleeping with the nanny.  Lee had not forgiven him for it and no longer spoke to him. 

He had joined the Air Force and had spent almost five years working on the electronic computer systems onboard F16’s before returning home.  Lee had accepted the maintenance job because it was the first thing offered to him and he had stayed there long past when he should have sought other employment to be near the owner’s wife.  She was the epitome of a trophy wife and her husband completely ignored her until he found out that she had sought affection elsewhere.

BOOK: The Intern - Full Submission
3.34Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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