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Lexi had a local machine shop create a prototype of the bed.  She hired a local guy that she found on an online services for hire site to pick up, deliver and install the bed in the basement of her house.  His name was Lee Frazier and he was a rugged, good looking guy in maybe his early thirties.  He had told her that he lost his job as the maintenance man at a large apartment complex when they caught him with the owner’s wife.  Lexi admired his honesty and lack of moral compass.  It would prevent him from judging her.

“That’s some bed, Miss,” he said to her once the bed was in place.  Lexi smiled at him and nodded her agreement.  She asked him to stay for a bit while she tested some things in case she needed any help.  Lee stood by while she pulled down pulleys and chains and allowed them to retract.  He watched as she lowered the overhead canopy with ease and smiled broadly. 

“I think this will work, Lee,” she said.  “Let’s go get you some lunch and some money,” she told him as they headed back up the stairs.  She made them some sandwiches and they sat at the kitchen counter eating.  “I may need you for some other things, Lee.  I assume I can reach you at the number you had listed in your ad if I do,” she said.

Lee hung his head a little.  “I hope so, ma’am.  It’s a pre-paid cell phone and I’m trying to keep it on but money is pretty tight.  I lost my house and car – had to buy that crap pickup truck with what money I had so that I could get around.  I’m staying at the shelter downtown right now, so if you can’t get me on the phone, you could try there.”

Lexi felt sorry for him.  She knew that if not for a little luck, she could have easily been in his shoes.  She drew in a deep breath.  “How are you at yard work, Lee?”

“Well, I don’t have any equipment, but I know how to use it,” he responded.  She was heartbroken to see a man that she suspected was once proud and independent reduced to such a pitiful existence.  Lexi made a judgment call.

“Well, I have a lot of work to do on this old house and the surrounding grounds.  I bought it as a foreclosure and I’m very busy with my work.  I will make you a deal.  I will give you room, board and a hundred a week to help me with the things that need to be tended to around here.  The only catch is that you will not disclose anything of my work that you might see here in the house to anyone.  Also, there will be no monkey business between us.  This is strictly a business proposition,” she finished.

Lee smiled broadly.  “Seriously?  That would be fantastic.  I can’t tell you how much that would help me.  I won’t let you down, ma’am,” he said, his voice sounding upbeat for the first time since she had met him.

They finished their lunch and Lexi laid out a few more ground rules.  The basement, her office and her bedroom were all off limits unless he was asked to work on something in one of them.  He would work around the house and property from seven until four with an hour lunch break.  After that, his time was his own.  He had free reign of the rest of the property and house, with the prior exceptions noted.  She only asked that he not be loud or invite guests over as she worked long hours most days and didn’t need the distractions.

She told him he could have the afternoon off to go pick up his things at the shelter and he told her that everything he owned was in the truck outside.  “Well, then I guess you can get unpacked.  I’ll show you to your room,” she said.  She led Lee to a large room on the second floor on the opposite side of the house from hers downstairs.  She figured this would give him more privacy and buffer any noises coming from his room such as a TV.  Plus, it had its own bathroom and he wouldn’t be wandering around the hall in a towel.  “Here you go, Lee.  Welcome aboard,” she said.  “Get settled in.  There are some things that the previous owners left when they vacated.  I had them put out in the shed at the back of the property.  You are welcome to go through it and see if there is anything useful in there.  I haven’t really furnished most of the rooms here yet, but you have a bed in here.  I think there was a decent dresser and nightstand out there, possibly a small television.  If that bed we just built sells, we’ll look at getting us both some nicer things,” she told him.

“It already beats the rollaway cot at the shelter, ma’am,” he told her softly.  She thought he might cry and decided it was time for her to give him some alone time. 

“Alright, Lee.  I’ll leave you to it then.  I need to get back to work.  One more thing, call me Lexi.  I’m not old enough to be a ma’am yet,” she laughed.

“Yes, ma’am…um, Lexi,” he said with a smile.

Lexi left him there and returned to the basement to look at the bed.  She took some photos of the final product to go with the ones she had snapped of its unassembled state prior to Lee putting it together and went back upstairs to her office.  It was time to get this ball rolling…and she did.  Within two weeks, Lexi had lined up orders for two dozen of the beds and had placed the orders with the local machine shop.  By month’s end, she had orders for over fifty of the beds and had to begin shopping for a full-time manufacturer, as it was much more than her local shop could handle.  She managed to find a shop that specialized in aerospace and military type work but was looking to expand to a private market to balance their capacities in areas of their shop. 


Lexi was on her way.  It wasn’t long before she was no longer just Alexandria Dianne McCord.  She was now McCord Specialty Furnishings and well on her way to success. 

The bed was followed by her own version of a St. Andrews Cross.  It was all metal, embedded in a large round decorative wheel that hung on the wall.  When the cross was retracted, it became a part of the wheel.  The wheel came with a remote control from which you could push a button to push the cross out from the decorative wheel and raise or lower it, depending on your needs.  It tilted up to thirty degrees in either direction.

Alternately, the sections of the wheel could be pushed out as a crucifix, a bondage post or a small platform so that someone could sit against the wheel with their legs forced and held open.  The wheel contained many small windows from which hooks were only the push of a button away.  It was a very versatile work of art, in Lexi’s humble opinion.

Like the bed, its selling point was that when all choices were retracted, it looked simply like a large, ornate piece of gothic style artwork.  It was a bit more expensive than the bed, but people who required this type of equipment would be more than willing to pay the price.  Even if they didn’t require the discretion it offered, they would appreciate the space saving features it offered to them.

Lexi was right.  The first quarter sales of the item were off the chart and saw no decline.  She continued to design all manners of BDSM style furniture and so far, everything she touched turned into gold.  She created smaller items like binders, stocks and yokes that were portable and built in the same way as her original pieces, to appear as benign pieces of art that could be hung on the wall or sat around a room without anyone realizing their true use.  Everyone wanted to be a freak, but not everyone wanted the world to know about it.  That simple fact was quickly making Lexi financially independent.

Lee had been the best decision she had ever made.  He had turned her home into a well-oiled machine.  There was little he couldn’t do.  The grounds were immaculate, with landscaping worthy an estate with a full staff of gardeners.  The plumbing and electrical issues that had been present when she purchased the house were now non-existent and all of the rooms beautifully decorated.  Lexi had been working so much to get her own company off the ground that Lee had done most of the work, letting her preview his choices before purchase and then arranging it all.  He even cooked! 

She often worked so late, that she never made it out to eat and Lee would make enough food for the two of them, bringing her a tray into her office and insisting that she eat something.  She really didn’t know what she would have done without him.  He had been there for more than a year now and she had seen how he had changed.  When she had begun to make more money, she had raised his salary considerably.  He now made more than most mid-level executives, but Lexi was grateful for all of the help he had given her and he worked so hard.  She wasn’t sure that she would have made it without all of his dedication to her and their home.

“Lee, do you want to move out?” she asked as he sat watching her eat the grilled ham and cheese sandwich he had brought her for dinner.

He looked at her with an odd expression.  “No, I hadn’t even considered it.  Are you telling me that you want me to move out, Lexi?” he asked, a look of hurt on his face.

“No, not at all, but you make enough money to have a nice place of your own now and I don’t want to hold you back from having your own life.  You work so hard for me, but what do you do for yourself?  Do you even have a girlfriend, friends?  Have you given yourself time to explore your own life?” she asked.

Lee looked at her, his dark brown eyes softening and a small smile on his face.  “Lexi, this is my life.  This place and you.  You saved me.  If you hadn’t come along and taken me in, I don’t know what I would have done or become.  I will only leave here if you tell me to,” he said quietly.

“No.  I don’t want you to leave, Lee.  I just don’t want to hold you back if you decide that you do want to leave.  I don’t see you as my maintenance man.  I see you as my friend.  I care about you.  I can find someone else to tend this place if you ever need to go,” she said.

They sat there looking at each other for a moment and Lexi suddenly realized something.  Lee was much more than her friend.  She thought about how many times she had watched his tanned, sweaty body toiling over some tedious chore around the house and felt something stir inside of her.  Deep down, she wanted him, but she didn’t want to do anything that might come between them and cause her to lose him, so she had ignored it.

Apparently, Lee was in the same place, because he suddenly leaned forward and kissed her on the lips.  It was a soft but hungry kiss that she felt all the way down to her toes and a shiver passed through her body, leaving goose bumps behind.  “Lee, I don’t think we should…” she began, as he pulled away from her.

“Lexi, I think it’s time we stopped ignoring the fact that we find each other attractive.  Hell, let’s just toss caution to the wind and admit that we want each other and are probably in love,” he said to her as he looked her directly in the eye.

Lexi stared at him for a moment.  She started to deny it but then decided he was right and wondered why she was fighting it.  Was it some old memory that was holding her back?  Was it the pain that Drake Whitson never even tried to fix his wrong that left her feeling so empty inside?  She couldn’t let him be her one and only love when he chose to toss it all aside.  She gave in and put her hand on the side of Lee’s face.  “Want to try out some of my creations, Lee?” she asked him.

Lee laughed.  “I’m not so sure about that, but why not.  If it will get you undressed, I’m all for it,” he said.


Lexi and Lee made their way down to the basement.  The bed had experienced some improvements since its original build and Lexi pushed a button on the remote.  She and Lee watched the bed’s canopy rise from the frame and click into place.  “Get undressed and get in the bed,” she said to Lee in a stern voice, a slight smile on her lips.  He looked at her for a moment too long and she slapped him playfully on the ass.  “Now!”

He did as she told him and lay back on the bed.  Lexi pushed another button and he watched as metal pulleys roared into motion, extending leather restraints down towards the bed.  Lexi watched his face as she strapped them onto his wrists and ankles.  She couldn’t quite gage his reaction but as for her own, she was beginning to see what Drake found so intoxicating about welding power over another’s sexual pleasure.  Once she had him strapped in, she held down a button and watched as his legs and arms were slowly pulled outward until he was spread eagle on the bed, but not so far that it was painful.

Once she had him in place, she stood at the foot of the bed and let him watch as she slowly got undressed, teasing him by running her hands over her smooth skin and between her legs to lightly stroke her soft pink lips.  She watched as his cock hardened and stood at full attention.  She noted that it was quite impressive at full mast and could feel herself getting wet just thinking about him inside of her.  Control Lexi, maintain control, she thought to herself.  She continued with her little strip tease act until she was naked.  Then she walked around the side of the bed and climbed on top of him.  She was careful to rest her wet slit just above his cock so that it was just out of reach of his hard tool. 

Lexi smiled down at him, reaching behind her head and pulling out the elastic band that held her hair back in a loose ponytail.  She slipped it on her wrist and shook her hair free, letting it fall across her shoulders and down across her supple breasts.  She could feel him getting harder and pressing into her backside, rubbing against her ass cheek.  She then tossed her hair forward and began to drag it slowly across his bare skin.  She moved up his left arm and then across his chest and down his right arm before making her way across his stomach.  The ends of her hair created a soft, feathery brush on his skin as if painting him.

She moved down, rolling her hair around his throbbing shaft and then pulling it upward as the hair unraveled around it.  Then she moved down his thighs, lightly brushing each of them before moving down one leg and slowly back up the other.  She worked her way up his body and back down again several times, listening to his increasingly short breaths as she excited his every nerve ending with her tour.  She finally moved up towards his mouth, letting her body relax against his before kissing him hungrily.  He pulled at her lower lip with his teeth and started to speak, but she put her finger to his lips.  “Quiet.  Don’t make me have to gag you, love.”

BOOK: The Intern - Full Submission
7.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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