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That was last night.  Today, she had merely not shown up for work.  How could she?  What was she supposed to say to her boss, the Marquis De Whitson?  Her internship was shot to hell and her self worth was teetering on the brink of falling into the pit of mistakes that cost her everything.  She was in
hopeless state of inaction
here without a clue as to what to do next.  She felt tears roll down her face.  If her mother were here, she would tell her what to do.  She had been a hard working woman
if not the perfect mother.  Lexi was sure that she had never found herself in such a terrible position as a result of her own decisions.


Lexi heard someone ring her doorbell but didn’t answer.  They continued to ring it before beating on the door itself.  “Lexi, damnit.  Let me in,” barked Drake Whitson.  Lexi swallowed hard.  She wasn’t letting that piece of shit in here.  She heard another voice down the hall speaking to him.  She couldn’t make out what was being said, but it sounded like her friend Sam from down the hall telling him that she wasn’t home.  She hadn’t told Sam what had happened, but Sam was smart enough to know when things didn’t feel right.  After a bit of muffled talking, the voices grew quiet and Lexi heard nothing until there was a light rap on her door.

“Lexi let me in.  It’s Sam.  He’s gone,” she said.  Lexi didn’t really feel like company, but Sam had helped get rid of HIM, so she felt like she was obligated.  She got up from the couch and let Sam in, carefully locking and latching the door behind her once she was inside.  “Jesus Christ, Lexi.  You look like shit,” she said.  It was true, in addition to what she was wearing; her normally perfect face was puffed and splotchy from crying all night
and part of the morning.  Her a
uburn hair looked like rats had moved into it and built nests from
tossing and turning on the pillow all night.  “What did he do to you?” Sam continued.

Lexi burst into tears again and told Sam the whole story.  Sam was empathetic and held her head to her chest while she cried.  Even though Sam was actually a little younger than Lexi, she was wise beyond her years and was sometimes more like a mother than a friend to Lexi, who was orphaned by the age of
twenty two
.  Lexi’s childhood with a drunk for a father and a mother that worked two jobs had been a cakewalk in comparison to Sam’s upbringing.  Sam had been removed from her home when she was sixteen because her stepfather couldn’t keep his hands off his blossoming stepdaughter and her mother refused to leave him, saying she didn’t believe Sam.

Sam had run away repeatedly
.  She had eventually
ended up in the foster system after using a nanny cam to record her step father in the act of fondling her on tape.  She had taken it to a teacher at school
.  The teacher had
called the authorities.  Sam’s mother had insisted that her daughter was a temptress who lured him in with her already overdeveloped body.  After that, Sam bounced from home to home where she discovered that men were all the same
, at least the men in the households in which she found herself
.  She had run away and spent some time on the streets and in shelters
but Lexi knew little about that, as it was the one thing Sam would not talk about.  In the end, she had used it to her advantage by becoming a stripper working at one of the most elite clubs in Atlanta.  Men that frequented The Cheetah came to spend money and they lavished it on the statuesque Sam.

Once Lexi was done babbling about what had transpired, she pulled away from Sam and began wiping her face.  “What am I going to do, Sam?” she asked.

Sam smiled softly at her.  Well, as my real father would have said, “back up and punt, sweet pea.”  Sam often quoted her natural father who had died when she was
.  Thoughts of him always made Sam’s entire face light up.  His death had been the end of her happy world and she cherished the memories of the time she had with him.   “The first thing you are going to do is stopped marinating in your own pity and get up off this couch.  Go get a shower and let’s get you out of this house for a while.  You stink,” she said flatly.

Lexi nodded and headed off to the shower.  When she came back out, Sam had cleaned up from her cereal binge and around the apartment so that it didn’t look so bleak.  Lexi was already feeling a little better.  She grabbed her glasses from the side table by the couch and returned to the bedroom to get dressed, sliding into some comfortable jeans and a grateful dead t-shirt that had belonged to her mother.  Something about her mother’s things comforted her.  She dried her hair and tossed it up in a ponytail before replacing her glasses with contacts and dusting on a little powder and gloss to smooth out her still blotchy skin.

Sam looked her over when she came out.  “Well, you still look a little shitty, but at least you are clean,” she said with a scowl.  “You’ll be okay when the puffy face gets some hot food and a couple glasses of wine into it,” she joked.  Lexi smiled at her and sat down to slide on her shoes.  She sighed deeply and stood up to face Sam.

“Okay, Aunt Sammy, let’s do this,” she said and they headed out the door.  They spent the rest of the day just goofing off in downtown Atlanta, window shopping and grabbing burgers and beers at Vortex
before heading back home. 

Lexi felt much better by the time they made their way back to the apartment.  That is, until they stepped out of her car and made their way to her apartment door
.  There
she found Dra
ke Whitson camped out waiting for

Sam looked at her in an unspoken question and Lexi put up her hand.  Sam shot a dirty look at Drake and headed to her own apartment.  Lexi walked toward the door of her apartment and unlocked it.  Drake watched silently to see if she intended to let him in.  She went in and left the door open for him to follow, which he did.  He closed the door behind him.  ‘Lexi, we need to talk about this,” he said to her.  She turned around to face him, noting that he looked tired and distraught.

“I don’t see how there is anything to talk about, Drake.  You saw something you wanted and you got it.  I would think the conquest would be enough to satisfy your sick needs,” she said.

Drake looked down for a moment before raising his gaze back to hers.  “I did pick you from a list of candidates because I was attracted to you, but I also reviewed your grades and reviews from professors.  It was nothing that any other prospective employer would not have done.  The only difference is that I was also attracted to you in a way that I can’t explain and I wanted to know more about you.  I wanted to know if you would be a good fit for the firm and I was curious to know if you would be a good fit for me, as well.  There was nothing more than that to it until you showed up in my office,” he said.

Lexi looked at him incredulously.  “Have you forgotten about the whole little issue of your home dungeon?” she asked.  “You know, how you want me to be some sort of concubine that you can cane if you feel the urge?” she shouted at him.

Drake took a deep breath.  “Lexi, you are making much more of this than what it is.  Yes, I have some peculiar tastes
but if you would just give it a chance, you would see that it’s not as bad as you think.  You may not realize it, but you are already predisposed to the idea.  You called me sir from the day you met me and you enjoyed the things we did.  You were born to be a submissive, Lexi,” he said.

Lexi glared at him.  “Calling someone sir is just a matter of respect.  It doesn’t mean I want to be a sex slave, Drake.  And yes, I did enjoy our first time.  I was caught up in the moment and what you were doing to me felt wonderful, but it’s a long way from whips and chains.  I want someone that loves me, not someone that just wants to see how far he can push my pain threshold.  There is something wrong with that,” she told him.

“Who said I couldn’t love you?  Why do you think the two things have to be mutually exclusive?  I can love you, Lexi.  I can love you and want to push you to the highest peaks of your sexual pleasure.  I think this only scares you because deep down, you want it.  I think you’ve been independent so long that it scares the hell out of you to give someone else control.  I don’t think this is just about sex.  I don’t think you are able to let go of yourself with anyone,” he said.

“No, stop it.  You don’t know what you are talking about.  Just shut up,” she yelled at him.  She felt a hard knot in the pit of her stomach as she backed away from him.  “Get out of my apartment and out of my life,” she screamed at him before bursting into tears again.

“No, you stop it and you shut up,” Drake said quietly as he quickly made his way over to her.  Before she could stop him, he was holding onto her, pulling her into him and kissing her hungrily.  She wanted to resist but she couldn’t.  Her body responded to his mouth as if it had been designed for hers.  Before she knew
they were yanking each other’s clothes off and he was inside of her, filling the aching void inside.  He thrust into her again and again, forcing her body up against the wall behind her.  Lexi moaned loudly as he pummeled the soft walls of her aching pussy until she felt the first waves of what felt like an Earth shattering explosion inside.

Drake wasn’t far behind, forcing himself deep inside of her as he came with dizzying intensity.  They stood there for a moment, with her pale body pushed against the wall and legs wrapped around him.  Then he pulled out and she put her feet back on the floor.  He leaned down and kissed her so softly that she thought she might cry again, but this time with joy.  She didn’t know what she was supposed to do.  There was some connection between them that she couldn’t deny but he was
her boss and he was a freak to
boot.  Could she ever accept the things he wanted to do to her?

“Can I spend the night, Lexi?  I want to hold you.  I don’t want to be without you tonight.  Today without you was like torture.  I felt like someone had put a huge rubber band around my lungs and I couldn’t quite draw a full breath because it hurt too much,” he said
as he lifted her chin upward to look down into her eyes.

Lexi didn’t know what to do, but she didn’t want to be without him either.  She nodded her head up and down.  She would worry about figuring all of this out tomorrow.  They showered together, washing each other’s bodies and hair before climbing out and toweling off.  She dried her hair while Drake checked some emails on his phone from her bed.  Then she climbed in beside him where they slept naked and tangled together.


When the alarm went off the next morning, Drake jumped and looked around as if he was confused about where he was.  While Lexi turned off the alarm, he picked up his phone and called the office.  He left a message on someone’s voice mail telling them that he would be working out of the office for the day and that Lexi would be assisting him, so not to expect either of them.  Then he rolled back over and curled up behind her, spooning his body up against hers before drifting back off to sleep.

Lexi wondered what he had told them about her absence the day before.  Obviously, he had covered for her somehow or he would not be still lying to them about her today.  She mulled this over for a few minutes before falling back asleep in his arms.  When they awoke again, the sun was shining into the window and she glanced at the clock.  It was nearly nine.  She felt Drake move behind her, groaning slightly as he stretched out his limbs before reaching over to stroke her long auburn hair with his hand and kissing her bare shoulder.

“I have a surprise for you, beautiful,” he told her, pressing his huge erection into her backside.  She smiled and wiggled back against him.  He continued to kiss her neck and shoulders before reaching around her to cup her breasts in his hands, kneading them softly as he entered her from behind and made love to her slowly with long, deliberate strokes.  Lexi had never woken up with anyone and made love before.  She thought it must be the most incredible feeling in the world.

The feel of his chest hair against the smoothness of her back and the friction from his being inside her with her legs together intensified everything.  There was something incredibly sensual about the slow way in which he was sliding in and out of her that overwhelmed her emotionally as well as physically.  Drake reached around and began massaging her clit with his fingers until she could take no more and shuddered with her first orgasm of the morning.  He didn’t stop there, he continued to tease her tender nub until she came again and then again before he was done.  He locked his hips completely forward with one last stroke as he came inside her, kissing the small of her back and hugging her close to him.

They lay there for a while before they got out of bed.  They showered
quickly before heading out to grab breakfast.  Both were avoiding any discussion of the issues between them so that they could enjoy their time together.  There was only so long that they could avoid it though.  Lexi was the first to break the ice and broach the subject.  “What did you tell them at work when I didn’t show up yesterday,” she asked casually as she ate her crepes. 

Drake put down his fork and looked up at her.  He cleared his throat before speaking.  “I told them that you weren’t feeling well and were going to be working from home until you were back up to par so that you didn’t spread your germs to me,” he said.  Lexi laughed. 

BOOK: The Intern - Full Submission
10.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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