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“We cannot continue if you cannot control yourself, Lexi.  I specifically asked you to remain silent and you did not.  Therefore, I have punished you.  Do not make me do so again,” Drake said to her in a stern, but even tone.  “Okay?”

“Yes, Sir.  I’m sorry,” Lexi said.

Drake did not reply.  Instead she felt her hands being pulled down from the hook overhead and the scarf being removed.  Drake rubbed her wrists and shoulders slightly to help return the circulation and ease any tension in them.  He walked her over to the large wooden bed in the center of the room and laid her across it, facing downward with her ass up towards him.  The suckers and vibrator roared to life again, sending Lexi’s nerve endings into hyper drive.

She squirmed on the bed as the vibrator pressed between her clit and the bed pushed her towards the point of no return.  She could feel her orgasm building and her legs began to quiver as she felt the wave cresting inside of her.  Just as she was about to release the pent of tension, the vibrations and sucking stopped.  Noooooooooooooooo, she screamed inside her own head.  He was enjoying teasing her and not letting her come.

“Not yet, Lexi.  It’s not yet time.

Drake continued this ritual of teasing her until she was on the edge of orgasm and then just stopping.  He would let her relax a little and then start all over again.  After several cycles of this torment, she was ready to explode but knew that if she did, she would be punished again.  She held back as long as she could and when she didn’t think she could control it is when her legs would begin to quiver and Drake would shut it down.

Finally, she felt Drake’s hands on her ass as he positioned himself behind her.  Without warning, he suddenly rammed his hard cock inside her forcefully and began fucking her with wild abandon.  She bit her lip to keep from calling out as he pummeled her swollen pussy with his rather large equipment.  Lexi felt herself on the verge of orgasm again and tried to hold it back, but Drake kicked on the vibrator and suckers again and she knew she wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer.  She was going over the edge.

“Let’s do this together, Lexi,” she heard him say breathlessly.  Thank goodness, she thought to herself.  He kicked the vibrator up another level and that was all she could take, her whole body shuddered with a violent orgasm.  Drake drove himself deep inside of her and came just as forcefully as she had before pulling out and stepping back.

“You can get up, Lexi,” he said to her.  He watched as she backed off of the bed and stood wobbly legged in front of him, looking downward.  He pulled her chin up towards him and looked at her face.  “Are you okay?” he asked. 

“Yes, Sir,” Lexi responded but her eyes were filled with tears.

“Why are you crying, Lexi?” he asked.  “Did I hurt you?”

“No, Sir,” she replied.  “I…I enjoyed what you did.  Perhaps, we are more alike than I knew,” she said with a hint of resignation in her voice.

Drake smiled and leaned down to kiss her.  The kiss was full of affection and lust and unspoken promises.  To Lexi, it felt like forever, but she knew it was too soon for that sort of thinking.  “Let’s get a shower and see what we can find to get into this afternoon,” Drake told her.

“Okay.  I should have brought some clean clothes,” she said.

“It’s okay.  You have some here,” he told her as they ascended the stairs.

“What?” Lexi asked.

“I had the associate at Saks send over some additional items in your size so that you would have some things here.  Serena took care of it while we were swimming,” he said.

“You are terribly presumptuous, Sir,” Lexi said playfully.

“Perhaps, but it was a good call, was it not?” Drake responded with a smile.

Lexi nodded as they got undressed again and stepped into Drake’s shower.  She felt like she had taken a week’s worth of showers today.  I guess you can never be too clean, she thought to herself.  Drake washed her from head to toe.  Caressing every curve of her body with his hands before washing her hair.  He slapped her on her wet ass and told her she could get out and dry off while he finished.  Lexi did as he told her and toweled her hair dry while he finished up his shower. 

Once he was out and toweled off, he led her to the large walk in closet.  There was a section at the bank, full of brand new clothes in her size.  She selected a simple pair of blue slacks and a blue and white striped silk tank.  She noted the hanging shoe rack to one side with shoes that matched each outfit and slipped on a pair of navy blue sandals.  She retrieved her handbag from downstairs while Drake got dressed and brushed on a little powder, lip gloss and mascara.  She looked in the full length mirror.  Not bad, she thought. 

“Beautiful,” Drake said when she stepped back out to where he had just finished dressing.  He looked incredibly handsome in a pair of khaki pants, baby blue polo and loafers.  “You ready to go play some golf?” he said.  Lexi said okay, though she couldn’t imagine that being much fun.  Plus, she didn’t know how to play so she’d just be tagging along with him.

She was both relieved and amused when they pulled up to a miniature golf course complete with windmills and crocodiles.  “I’m going to kick your lily ass, young lady,” he said to her.

“Don’t be so sure, SIR,” she said mockingly.  It was great to be out doing something completely silly after the seriousness of the past couple of days.  It turned out that she was a better mini golfer than he was and she won two games before they called it quits and headed off to grab some burgers and beers at a nearby pub.


Over time, their relationship grew stronger.  Drake slowly introduced new things into their sexual encounters as Lexi grew more comfortable with the arrangement.  She rarely ever used her safe word and sometimes seemed to defy him just so that he would punish her.  As her threshold grew, so did her need for him to satiate her desire for pain.  It was not unusual for her not to be able to sit comfortably for days and she loved every moment of it.

Things were going well until one dark day in late summer when Drake suggested that they bring another submissive into their relationship.  Lexi did not take kindly to the thought and lashed out at him.  “Am I boring you, Drake?  We’ve only been together one summer and you are tired of me?  Are you already fucking her behind my back?” she screamed at him.

“You’ll want to watch your tone with me, Lexi,” he told her sternly.  “If you will calm down, we will talk through this.  If you do not, you will suffer the consequences,” he told her.

“Fuck you, Drake.  Fuck you and your goddamned consequences,” she screeched.

Drake drew in his breath.  She could see that he was angry.  Perhaps she had gone too far, but he had gone too far too.  This was supposed to be about the two of them and now, he wanted to bring some other woman home with them?  No, she wasn’t putting up with it.  She had done everything he asked and he was hers.  She should not have to share.

Drake stormed over towards her and picked her up, dragging her down the hall kicking and screaming.  He took her down to the dungeon and threw her on the bed, straddling her as he put the arm and leg irons on her.  He then stood up and watched as she squirmed and contorted herself.  She was like a wild animal being captured in a trap and trying to fight her way free.

“Do you really want to try me like this, Lexi?  Is this what you want?  I asked you for one thing.  I asked you to obey me.  I expect you to do as you are told or there are consequences.  I don’t like to punish you, but you leave me no choice,” he said before turning and walking back up the steps.

“Don’t leave me down here, Drake.  Don’t you dare!” she yelled at him as he continued up the steps.  He could still hear her screaming at him long after he had walked down the hallway to the phone in his study.  He picked up the phone and made a call then went to the kitchen and drank a large glass of ice water before returning to the dungeon.  Lexi had calmed down and was lying there quietly crying.

“I’m sorry, Drake.  I’m sorry, Sir.  I don’t know what came over me,” she said.

“It’s okay, Lexi.  I know that you were upset. I just needed for you to calm down.  Are you calm now?” he asked in an even tone.

“Yes, Sir,” she replied.

“Good girl,” he said.  He walked over to the bed and unfastened the restraints, extending his hand to help her up.  He walked her over to the hook on the ceiling and draped a chain over it, catching one of the links to secure it.  From the chain hung two leather hand shackles on either end.  He began to strap them onto Lexi’s wrists.  She resigned herself to the punishment she knew she was about to receive.  She had never behaved so badly and she did not know how harsh he would be to her.

Once she was in place, he stood looking at her, glancing at his watch.  Lexi felt some internal alarm sounding.  What was he doing?  Something was different about his mood and his tone.  Even though his voice was even, she could sense his intense anger with her and she felt a little afraid for the first time in a while.  Then, she heard footsteps behind her on the steps and a woman and two men walked around in front of her to stand beside Drake.  She recognized the woman from his office.  The executive assistant that had shown her around the building, Rebecca.  She was the bimbo with the huge fake tits that he had jokingly referenced as Mrs. Silicone. 

Lexi felt her anger beginning to rise again.  How long had he been fucking her?  Apparently, even before he had met Lexi.  That bastard.  She looked him in the eye and glared at him.  “I see that we still have not learned our lesson, Lexi.  You know there must be punishment for that.  So, here is your choice.  Someone is getting fucked tonight.  It could have been me fucking you, but you’ve chosen to behave badly and lost any chance of that happening,” he said.

Lexi’s eyes grew wide as she looked at the three other people standing beside him. 

“I’m going to give you a choice, Lexi.  You can either hang there and watch while I fuck Rebecca in front of you, or Rebecca and I can sit back and watch while these two gentlemen fuck you.  You need to learn that I am not yours to control.  You are mine to control.  You are mine to do whatever I choose to do with.  I can share you with anyone I see fit to share you with and you will share me with anyone I desire,” he told her in that condescending even tone of his.

Lexi glared at him.  She considered for a moment what would happen if she refused both options.  He would release her from her bindings.  It would be over.  No punishment, just a parting of ways.  She could suffer the indignity of hanging there like a ragdoll while he fucked another woman or she could make him suffer by watching her with two other men.  All of the options ended in the same way as far as she was concerned.  This was the end of the line.  They had no future together anymore.

She smiled sweetly at him, “If that is the way you want it, SIR…I choose the two men.”  She saw a slight tension in his jaw.  He had not expected that.  He quickly recovered though and said, “As you wish.”  He waved his hand toward the two men and one of them stepped forward, leering at Lexi as he unbuttoned her summer mini dress and then yanked it forward, ripping it from her body.  He followed suit with her bra and panties so that she hung there completely naked. 

“Rebecca, would you be so kind as to make us a drink.  I wouldn’t want to miss a moment of this,” Drake said.

“Yes, Sir,” she said, as she walked over to the hidden bar to the side of the room and opened it up, pouring Drake a scotch on the rocks and herself a vodka and grapefruit.  Lexi realized suddenly that this wasn’t her first trip to the dungeon.  Then another piece dropped into place.  All strippers had a stage name.  Sam had told her that her friend Sandy had quit because Drake had set her up so that she didn’t have to anymore.  Mrs. Silicone was Sandy.  She couldn’t believe it.  How long had he been fooling around with her behind Lexi’s back?

Rebecca returned to the bed with their drinks and they propped themselves up on the pillows.  No sooner were they settled, than the man that had ripped off her clothes began fondling her breasts, sucking her nipples into his mouth one by one and biting them.  Lexi was determined not to make a sound.  The man behind her was stroking the bulbous head of his cock against her ass and rubbing his finger across the outside of her asshole.

The man in front of her put his hands under her thighs and lifted her up a little, sitting her back down abruptly on his hard cock and beginning to fuck her slowly with her legs wrapped around his waist.  She bounced up and down on his hard staff as he grunted, his sweaty chest rubbing against her tender nipples.  She could feel Drake’s eyes turn to dark steel as he watched another man with her.  You reap what you sow, she thought to herself.

The man behind her stopped rubbing his cock against her ass and pulled her cheeks apart, positioning his cock at the entrance to her ass.  He slowly slid more and more of his huge erection into her tiny orifice until he was all the way inside her.  It hurt like hell, but Lexi refused to make a sound or give Drake the satisfaction of grimacing. 

As a matter of fact, it was time to give him a little show, she thought.  The two men began pumping into her from both sides as she closed her eyes, biting her lip in ecstasy.  She began to moan loudly as they rocked her back and forth between them.  “Oh, yessssss.  That feels so good.  Fuck me.  I want every inch of you inside of me,” she gasped.

Fueled by her seeming enjoyment of what they were doing to her, the two men began pumping into her faster and harder, bouncing her tiny body up and down on their huge rods until they were on the brink of orgasm.  She heard Drake bark at them in a harsh tone.  “Do not come inside of her.  I want you to come all over her instead of inside,” he said.  Lexi wanted to hit him but she didn’t show it.  She continued with her fake enjoyment of this violation of her person.

BOOK: The Intern - Full Submission
4.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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