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Drake began rubbing her clit feverishly with his fingers.  It was a combination of intense pleasure and pain and she felt like she was going to explode.  She wasn’t wrong.  Her body began to convulse with the powerful orgasm that shook her whole frame and soaked Drake’s hard cock with its velocity.  He began pumping into her like a jackhammer until she heard a low growl coming from the back of his throat and he pulled out, flipping her over and stroking himself to orgasm all over her tits and stomach.

He collapsed on the couch beside her, catching his breath.  He looked at her.  She was leaning back against the couch with her eyes closed.  She was mentally and physically exhausted from the events of this day.

He spoke quietly, “Are you okay, Lexi?” he asked.

She opened her eyes and looked over at him, “Yes.  That was the most amazing sex I’ve ever had in my life,” she told him.

He smiled at her and brushed a strand of hair from her face.  “Do you mind if I sleep here with you?” he asked.

Lexi laughed.  “After all the things you just did to me, you are going to ask permission to sleep here?” she asked incredulously.

Drake shrugged.   “Just one of my many quirks you’ll have to get used to if you intend to be associated with the likes of me,” he said.

Lexi stood up and extended her hand to him.  They climbed into bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms. 


When Lexi awoke the next morning, Drake was already gone.  There was a note on her alarm clock that said,
I expect that you will be on time for work today. 
Wear the blue dress, no panties. 
Lexi felt a little tingle run up her spine at the thought of what he might have planned for her today and smiled, hopping up out of bed to get showered and dressed.  She was suddenly eager to get to work.

She looked in the mirror as she dried her hair and her reflection seemed different to her.  She felt more confident than she had the day before and more womanly.  She smoothed her hair with the flatiron and then pulled it up in a loose knot at the back of her head.  She slipped on the blue silk dress that had been purchased yesterday and the nude heels that made her legs seem much longer than they already were.  She looked older, more businesslike.  It was a good thing.

She couldn’t decide what jewelry she was supposed to wear with the dress so she opted for a simple pair of pearl earrings and nothing more.  She brushed on some mineral shine across her face and a hint of blush before applying some colored lip-gloss.  By the time she was done, she stepped out of the apartment looking like a much more put together woman than the girl that had left for work yesterday.

She was a little nervous about seeing Drake this morning but she tried not to show it as she stepped off the elevator and walked down to his office.  She found him at her desk going over some prints.  “Good Morning, Sir,” she said cheerfully as she stepped into his office.  He looked up at her briefly and nodded.  She was about to ask if something was wrong when she heard an older male voice from the corner behind her and turned in that direction.

There sat Michael Whitson, Drake’s father and owner of the company.  “Quite the formality in this office, son.  Good to see you keeping the thumb down,” he said sternly.  Drake’s lips pursed and he went back to the prints on his desk.  Lexi felt she was interrupting something and dismissed herself with a greeting to the senior Mr. Whitson and a hasty retreat to her desk.  She could hear their voices in the next room that seemed to quickly escalate to an argument concluded by the father storming out.

“Lexi, come,” Drake barked from his office.  Lexi went to his office and stood in front of his desk.  He looked up at her with dark eyes.  “Go close my door and lock it,” he told her.  She turned and did as she was told before returning to his desk.  “Now, come around here and suck my cock,” he said simply.  Lexi didn’t question him.  If this were the game he wanted to play, she would let him.  She walked around behind his desk and got on her knees in front of him.  He unzipped his pants and took out his massive tool for her, pulling her face towards it with his hand.

She began licking the thick-mushroomed head, flicking her tongue back and forth underneath.  She could feel the pulsations as he began to get hard against her mouth and tongue.  She engulfed the length of him, taking it down all the way to the hilt and getting him harder.  She pulled back and stroked him with her hand as she sucked his balls into her mouth, one by one.  She loved the way his smooth balls slid across her tongue.  She pushed his legs apart and flicked her tongue across the ridge between his balls and anus before moving her attention back to the hard pole in her hand.

She took the massive head of his long hard cock into her mouth and slid slowly down the length of it, almost gagging once it hit the back of her throat.  She felt him grab hold of her hair and begin pulling her down onto him rhythmically, using her mouth as his own personal fuck toy.  He guided her head up and down his shaft until he was groaning against his building release.  He suddenly shoved her head down on his cock as he spilled his thick come across her tonsils.  “Swallow it, Lexi.  Don’t lose a drop,” he told her.  Lexi did what she was told.  “Lick it clean, Lexi.  We have a meeting to get to.”

Lexi finished doing as she was told and got up from the floor, straightening herself up as she did so.  “You are a bad boy, Drake Whitson,” she giggled.  Drake looked at her as if he were trying to assess something about her and then a thin smile crossed his lips.

“Oh, you have no idea just how bad I really am, Lexi.  We’ve only just begun,” he said.

The rest of the day was uneventful.  Lexi sat through a meeting with Drake and some contractors where they went over the details of some complex metal machining that just wasn’t quite working well with the overall design.  It had been designed by a young engineer with a lot of vision but not much of an eye for detail.  Whitson Engineering had been employed to help iron out the bugs.

After that, she and Drake had worked on some new plans together the rest of the afternoon.  “Listen, I have some plans in the morning so I want for you to use that time to go pick out some décor for your office.  I’ll be in after lunch and we will work on this project some more.
  In the meantime, I’d like you to come to my
house tonight.  I’d like to show you what awaits you if you choose to continue with these silly little games I like to play,” he said.

Lexi agreed and he told her he would send a car for her around seven.  She was ready and waiting when the car arrived and felt excited that he had invited her into his personal space.  She was jittery on the way to the house, not knowing what waited for her there.  On the other hand, she couldn’t wait to find out.  She drew in her breath as the car approached the house.  It was a massive, gothic looking structure with gargoyles atop the gated entrance and to either side of the entryway. 

The driver pulled up to the curb in the front and she stepped out, looking up in awe.  “She is something to behold, isn’t she?” Drake called from the doorway.  “Come on in, Lexi,” he said.  She walked up to the door and he kissed her softly on the cheek as he walked her into an enormous foyer.  They made their way to the dining room where places had been set for them at a long table.  Drake pulled out her chair and they both took their seats.  As if on cue, a woman came from an adjoining doorway, presumably from the kitchen and began serving their dinner.  It was a light meal of honey glazed salmon and asparagus spears.  She stepped back into the kitchen and returned with a bottle of pinot grigio, filling their glasses for them before leaving them to their meal.

Drake began to tell her what he wanted as they ate.  “I want you to submit to me.  I want to dominate you.  It’s what gets me excited.  The power that I can exude over you.  The control,” he said to her.

“Well, I let you take control last night and then again today in your office, so obviously I don’t have an issue with it,” she told him.

“No, Lexi.  You don’t understand.  That was only the tip of the iceberg.  Come with me,” he told her.  He led her down a hallway that ran all the way to the back of the house.  At the end of it was a door that opened up to reveal a set of stone steps that spiraled downward.  “Follow me, “he said as he went down the steps.  They ended in a large dark room.  It was almost pitch black until Drake flipped a switch on the wall to show the contents of the room.

Lexi looked around her with wide eyes.  In the center of the room was an enormous wooden canopy bed, except it wasn’t an ordinary canopy bed.  It was built from a heavy dark wood and had numerous hooks and pulleys attached to it.  She could see chains with metal restraints dangling off at each of its four corners.  Above it, visible through the open frame at the top was a mirror as large as the king size bed below it.

On the walls were a wide assortment of whips, crops and various other sexual delights.  There was a collection of paddles hanging from a set of hooks and wooden
head shaped forms that were covered with various masks.  Many of the masks were made of rubber of leather and one of the paddles had spikes on it.  There was an assortment of rope lying on a nearby table along with a host of metal clamps.  In the center of the opposite side of the room stood a full size cross with hooks all over it. 

Lexi was still trying to absorb what she was seeing around her when Drake spoke.  “This is what I want from you, Lexi.  I want to be able to bring you down here and whip you, paddle you, tie you up and fuck you hard enough that you scream.  I want to hurt you, Lexi.”  Somewhere amid what he was saying was what seemed like regret that he had these urges.  Lexi was bewildered.  A few slaps on the ass, some nipple clamps and rough sex like they had shared last night was about as far as she had expected to take it, but THIS….well, this was just bizarre.

“I don’t understand how you could get off on beating the hell out of me,” she said incredulously. 

“Whoa, whoa, now wait…no one said anything about beating the hell out of you.  I’m talking about pleasure and pain within your tolerance levels.  You would have a safe word.  When you felt you couldn’t handle anymore, all you would have to do is say it and it would end immediately.  I promise that I would never truly hurt you,” he told her.

“Okay, yeah…I got off a little last night on the spanking and clips but I’m not doing this, Drake.  This is just sick.  Only a sick person would want to torture someone and then get off on fucking their victim.  I want no part of this,” she yelled.  She turned and practically ran back up the steps and toward the front door.  Drake was right behind her as she entered the hallway.

“Please Lexi, I’ve wanted you for so long.  I don’t want you to go.  Don’t leave yet.  Just listen to me,” he said.

Lexi stopped dead in her tracks and turned towards him in the middle of the hallway.  She looked at him, confused.  “What do you mean, you’ve wanted me for so long?  You only met me this week when I was assigned as your intern,” she said slowly.

Drake looked down before speaking, “No, that’s not true.  I picked you long before you came to work for us.  I selected you from the candidates and checked into who you are.  I have pictures that our investigator took of you.  Your eyes and your smile mesmerized me.  I could hardly wait for you to start work and then I tried to behave but I couldn’t resist having you so near to me and not touching you.  I tried, Lexi.  I tried,” he finished.

Lexi stared at him in horror, not believing what she was hearing him tell her.  He had been stalking her before she had come to him as an intern.  How stupid could she have been?  “Stay away from me, Drake.  I don’t know what is wrong with you but you are seriously fucked up,” she said.  She turned and stormed out of the house and found that the car was still waiting for her.  It was his, but it would get her out of here.  She jumped in and told the driver to take her back home as Drake came running down the steps yelling for her to stop, but the car was on its way. 

Tears fell down her face as she thought about how stupid she had been.  She had fallen so suddenly for Drake Whitson and it never even occurred to her that he might not be what he seemed.  She felt sick at what she had let herself do with him and she knew she would not be returning to work.  She might have made a mistake but she would not compound it further.


Lexi sat on her couch in a pair of pajama shorts and a sports bra eating a huge bowl of cocoa pebbles and watching reruns of Sex in the City.  She seriously doubted that the women in this show were anything like the typical New York woman.  They lived in nice apartments and flats and their issues with men were always resolved by just getting another man.  They were always wearing four hundred dollar shoes and attending society parties given by important people.  They certai
nly weren’t like the Atlanta, Georgia

Her life was in ruins.  It turned out that the promising internship she had landed with a prestigious engineering firm here in Atlanta was not at all what she had bargained for.  She thought that she would get a foot in the door and that her intelligence and skill would pave the way to a full-time engineering position with the firm.  She had been ecstatic to learn that she would be interning under the owner’s son, Drake Whitson.  Now, she had screwed it all up.  Why had she not rebuked his advances and kept it professional?  She would have never known the truth about how she had been selected and things would have been just fine.

Drake Whitson was extremely handsome and charming but a bit of a control freak.  He had charmed the pants right off of her, literally.  She hadn’t minded the little spank and tickle action he liked to incorporate into his lovemaking but when he took her to his home and showed her what equated to a modern day sex dungeon and told her what he wanted to do to her, it was just too much.  The fact that he let slip that he had been watching her long before she came to the firm, not because she was a prospective intern, but because he wanted to make her his own personal sex slave was over the top.

BOOK: The Intern - Full Submission
5.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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