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After more than two hours in the store, Lexi exited with a whole new wardrobe.  She wasn’t even wearing the clothes she had arrived in.  Instead, she was wearing what could best described, in her opinion, as uptight rich bitch couture.  It did look good on her though.  Drake was pleased with the selections and announced that they would now go to brunch.  They headed over to the Ritz Carlton to eat in The Café.  Lexi had never been there.  It was much too pricey for her budget.  The food was delicious.

“Okay, back to the grind with us,” Drake announced as they finished off the last of their food.  He took care of the check and they made their way back to the car that was waiting for them near the entrance to the hotel.  The driver was already out and holding the door open for them to slide right in and head back to the office.  Lexi wasn’t feeling as self-conscious anymore.  She did still feel a bit awkward about him having bought her clothing but she would have to let that go if she were to live up to his expectations.

Once they reached the office, it was all work the rest of the day.


and Drake spent hours pouring over technical drawings and mylars f
or a new project he was working on.
  He began showing her how a “real” drawing compared to what they teach you in college and she was an avid pupil.  Her only issue that being so close to him was sending her hormones into a rampage.  He made it damned hard to concentrate.  They were so engrossed in the work that they didn’t even realize when five p.m. had come and gone.  By the time they were done, it was almost six.

‘I’m sorry, Lexi.  I didn’t realize what time it is.  I’ve kept you too long today.  Go ahead and get out of here,” he told her.

“I can stay if you need me,” she said quietly.  For some reason, she didn’t want to leave yet.  She wanted to stay and be near him.  Lexi realized she was getting a crush on Drake Whitson and tried to shake the thought loose.  Drake looked towards her and smiled.  She was surprised when he suddenly reached up and pulled her to him, kissing her urgently.  She put up no resistance, returning his kiss tenfold.  Then he pulled back suddenly, a look of alarm on his face.

“Oh, God, I’m sorry again.  I shouldn’t have done that,” he said.  “You are a sweet girl.  Far too good to be consorting with the likes of me.  I feel like some letch of a boss now,” he half muttered.

“Its okay, Drake.  You just work too much and I was here.  We’ll pretend it didn’t happen,” she said.  Inside, she didn’t want to pretend it didn’t happen.  She wanted more, but she knew it was inappropriate.

“Don’t excuse me, Lexi.  You don’t know what I’m really like.  I have dark secrets that I keep hidden.  I have peculiar tastes that you wouldn’t be interested in.  I want you to respect me.  I don’t want you to think I’m some sort of miscreant,” he said solemnly.

“It can’t be that bad, Drake.  What is it that is so deep and dismal that you think it will get you branded a weirdo?” she asked.

Drake looked at her, some old pain showing clearly in his eyes.  Then they turned to the grey blue steel of cool metal.  “Right now, I want to yank up that expensive skirt I forced you to wear, pull down the nice lace panties you are wearing underneath and spank your bottom until it has bright red handprints all over it, my handprints.  I want to own you and have you do as I please, whenever I please.  I want to control you,” he said.

Lexi looked at him with a shocked look.  Inside, her heart was pounding.  The thought of him spanking her had some sort of erotic thrill to it that she couldn’t comprehend.  Instead, she found herself squirming a little against the sudden longing she felt to let him do whatever he wanted to her.  She had never felt like this with anyone and most certainly, not so soon after knowing them.  Was it his power?  His confidence?  What was it that drew her to him like this?

Lexi walked over and closed the door as he stood and looked after her with a haunted look.  She locked the door and walked back over to his desk and around it.  She rolled the chair he was sitting in back and stood in front of him, facing away.  He watched as she slowly slid up her skirt and pulled her panties down just below her ass cheeks before leaning forward across his desk so that her ass was turned upward in front of him.  “Do what you need to do, Sir,” she said flatly.

“No!  I can’t.  This isn’t right.  Get dressed and get out,” he barked at her, storming away from her and across the room.

Lexi was horrified.  What had she done?  She yanked up her panties and ran to her office, grabbing her handbag and her pictures off the desk and exiting from the door that led directly from her office to the hall.  She practically ran out of the building to her car and put as much distance between herself and Drake Whitson as quickly as possible.  Once she arrived at home, she yanked off the clothes he had bought her and pulled an old oversize T-shirt over her head before collapsing on the couch where she burst into tears.

All she could think about was how she could have been so stupid.  It didn’t matter what he had said.  She should have taken him at his word.  She should have been more professional and not let her attraction to him get out of hand.  She was so screwed.  Not only had she made a fool of herself, but she had just tossed out her opportunity to be taken seriously and accomplish her goal of becoming a respected engineer in the country.

She went to the refrigerator and grabbed a Blue Moon, digging around for the small container of orange wedges buried amid the clutter of leftovers that should have been cleaned out eons ago.  She practically inhaled it as she sat on the couch and contemplated her fate.  The first one was followed by several more until the only thought she could sensibly muster was “How did he know I had on lace panties?”

She was suddenly startled as someone knocked on the door.  It must be Sam stopping by on her way to her nightly shift at the club.  She stumbled over to the door and opened it to find Drake standing there.  Great…just what she needed.  “What do you want, Mr. Whitson?” she said coldly.

“Oh, its Mr. Whitson now, is it?” he said with a hint of agitation in his voice.

“How did you find my apartment?” she asked as she turned and walked away from him.  Drake stepped in and closed the door behind him.

“I have
access to the personnel files, Lexi.  It wasn’t rocket science,” he said.

“What do you want?” she said.

Drake looked at her for a moment and then reached out and grabbed a handful of her shirt, yanking her to him so that his lips were almost on hers when he spoke, “…to finish what I started,” he said to her.  He pulled her over to the couch by her shirt and tossed her over his lap, pushing up the t-shirt and yanking down her panties as she tried to squirm away in anger.  He was too strong for her and held her down, raising his hand and giving her a nice hard slap on her lily-white ass.  She yelped as she felt the sting of it on her tender bottom.

Drake smiled as he admired the angry red handprint he had created on her round white butt cheek.  He raised his hand again and made a matching one on the opposite side, taking a moment to softly rub both of them in a soothing circular motion.  He leaned forward and planted small kisses on each of them before once again using his hand to give her three sharp raps on the ass.  He then pulled up her panties and let her go.

Lexi jumped up and glared at him.  Part of her was incredibly turned on, but she was also angry that he thought he had the right to come here and do what he wanted after kicking her out of his office like he did.  She took a swing at him and was surprised when he caught her hand in his.  “We’re feisty now, aren’t we?” he said.  “You really want to hit me, Lexi?  Do you?”

Lexi did.  She took another swing at him only to miss.  He grabbed her by the waist and laughed.  “Oh, you do need a spanking,” he said.  He tried to pull her back across his knee but she fought him and ended up pushed back up against the front door with her hands being held over her head by his.  He covered her mouth with his, kissing her hungrily until she calmed down and began to respond to him.  He held her there until he felt her resistance subside then let go of her hands, grabbing her t-shirt and pulling it over her head.

Lexi could feel his erection stabbing her from beneath his khaki pants and she felt the dampness of her excitement seeping through the lace of her panties.  He lowered his head to swirl his tongue around one of her nipples, already hard with anticipation.  She gasped as he sucked it in to his mouth and then bit down on it, rolling it slightly between his teeth before pulling it outward with them and then letting it pop loose.  Lexi moaned.

“Can you handle this, Lexi?  It’s going to get rough.  Are you ready to go the distance with me?” he asked her. 

“Yes,” she panted.

“Yes, what?’ he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” she said as she slowly exhaled.

“Good girl,” he said, as he turned his attention once again to her flushed nipples, nibbling and biting them as she moaned and squirmed against the door.  “Shut up,” he told her.   “I want you to be quiet.”

Lexi sucked in her breath and tried not to make noises as he tormented her tender buds with his teeth.  He suddenly let go and turned his attention to her tiny adjoining kitchen.  She leaned awkwardly against the door as he walked to the kitchen and picked up some things that she couldn’t quite see over the countertop between them.  When he returned she saw that he had pulled several of the magnetic chip clips from the fridge and that there was a large bamboo spoon in his hand.  Her eyes widened.

“Lexi, come,” he said to her as he stood near the couch.  She walked over to him and stood in front of him.  He pinched one of her nipples between his fingers and then rolled them around until it was a hard post.  He opened one of the clips and clamped it onto the erect nipple.  She almost groaned but remembered that she was supposed to be quiet and bit her lip instead.  Drake repeated his actions with the other nipple before clamping it with another chip clip.  “Very good,” he said as he pulled down on them just slightly.  It wasn’t enough to pull them off but was enough to send shockwaves through her system.  She couldn’t believe how it could be painful and so damn stimulating at the same time.

Drake reached forward with his free hand and ripped the thin lace panties off of her before reaching between her legs to massage her clit with his fingers, rubbing it at first but then pinching it between two of his fingers and stroking it as if it were a miniature version of his cock.  Lexi had never felt anything like it and thought she was going to come just from the friction against it.  Then he stopped and she felt him clamp the last of the clips onto the tiny organ.  Lexi could not believe how much the pain he was inflicting in small ways was adding up in intensity to make her incredibly horny.

With the clips in place, he turned her around and placed her hands on the back of the couch, so that she was leaning forward with her ass exposed to him.  He used his feet to nudge hers apart so that she was spread out like she was about to be frisked by the police.  She couldn’t see what he was doing behind her and was caught off guard when he brought the wooden spoon up flatly between her legs and popped her pussy lips with it.  She cried out but cut it off short, realizing she had broken the silence.

Repercussions were swift.  She felt the spoon come down hard across her ass, leaving a wide red whelp.  She managed not to make a sound but felt like she was biting a hole in her lip.  Then the spoon returned to smack her pussy lips with several more quick raps before Drake stopped and walked around behind the couch.  He looked at her biting her lip and smiled.  He slid the spoon between her outspread hands and popped the bottom half of each of her breasts.  “Good girl,” he said when she didn’t make a sound.

Then, he leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Are you enjoying this, Lexi?  Do you like what I’m doing to you?” he asked.  Lexi nodded her head up and down.  “Good, because we’ve only
begun,” he told her before walking back around behind her.  She held her breath, waiting and he didn’t disappoint her.  She felt the spoon come down on one cheek and then the other, back and forth, several times until it was really stinging.  Then she felt his hands rubbing the red marks, soothing them with his touch.

She heard his zipper coming down and knew he was getting undressed.  Her heart was racing.  She didn’t understand why she was enjoying this abuse so much but she wanted him to fuck her so badly she could scream.  The pain of the clips and the stinging of the whelps just added to her arousal.  She felt the head of his cock sliding softly across her ass cheeks, back and forth and then felt him positioning it between her legs.  She waited for him to slide it inside of her but was instead jolted forward when he slammed it full force into her soaked cunt.  He began fucking her like he was trying to rip her open with just his cock.

Lexi could feel how thick and long he was inside of her.  Not only was he a freak, but he was hung to boot.  He slammed into her over and over, punishing her aching pussy with his stiff pole.  She could feel an orgasm welling up inside of her but the clip on her clit stalled it somewhat.  The pain wouldn’t quite let her reach the threshold of letting go.  Drake slammed into her again and again, bouncing his balls off of her pussy lips, still tingling from the raps of the wooden spoon.

Drake was a powerhouse.  Everything on her body was beginning to ache.  Her nipples and clit were sore, her arms were sore from bracing against the couch to prevent him from sending her over the back of it with his powerful thrusts.  She felt like she couldn’t take much more.  She was surprised when Drake reached around and yanked the clips from her nipples without opening them.  It hurt like hell.  He continued to batter her pussy with his dick as he reached between her legs and did the same with the one of her clit.  She grimaced but didn’t make a sound.

BOOK: The Intern - Full Submission
6.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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