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“I don’t know what to do about us, Drake.  I have only known you for a few days.  I would never have imagined moving so quickly with someone before.  I’m drawn to you and I had no hesitation about jumping in with both feet until I saw that little dungeon of yours.  I just don’t think I can go that far with you.  It’s too much,” she said.

Drake studied her face.  What she was saying sounded final but there was no finality in the actual tone in which she said it.  “I think that you are appalled by the idea, but you have never really tried it.  I don’t think you can know what you can and cannot do if you haven’t tried to do it.  All I’m asking is that you give it a chance.  We can start slow, as slowly as you need for it to be.  Then we merely add until you tell me you have reached your stopping point,” he said.

“And if I agreed to this and found that my stopping point was far from where you would want me to go?” she asked.

“Well, then I would have to make my own decision as to whether your stopping point was at an acceptable level to sate my own needs.  You aren’t the only one in this, Lexi.  I promise you that I would never hurt you and I really do believe that you would come to embrace the sexual freedom you will achieve,” Drake told her quietly.

The waiter appeared to check on them and refill their glasses, giving Lexi a moment to consider this.  When he stepped away, she leaned forward again and spoke.  “How can you say anything about sexual freedom when what you are asking is that I not have any freedom, that I be a submissive that does only what you say?”

Drake smiled, “It is only in the loss of freedom to say no to me that you will ever be truly free to explore every area of your sexuality.  If you are always saying no, what liberation is there in that?  You will wind up someday married to a man that bores the living shit out of you with his 2-3 minute missionary routine once a month.  If you are lucky, he’ll go to a strip club with the guys and get horny enough to flip you over and give you a good hard doggy fuck every once in a while,” he said flatly.

“I can set you free, Lexi.  Together, we can reach the pinnacle of your desires.  You are only limited by your unwillingness to give in to your own desires…and mine,” he said.  The fact that Lexi was squirming a little in her chair did not escape him.  Just talking about this had aroused her.  The only question was if she would give in to that feeling or back down from it.

“Okay, Drake.  We will try this.  If it is as wonderful as you say then I will love it, if not then we will see if you are willing to meet me on some middle ground somewhere.  Otherwise, we will have a story not to tell our respective grandchildren.  Drake laughed and reached for her hands across the table.

“Good girl,” he said.  “You won’t regret it.  Now, I want you to get under the table and give me a blowjob here in the middle of the café,” he said sternly.

Lexi looked at him with wide eyes, “I…I can’t do that,” she said.  “We’ll get arrested.”

Drake laughed again.  “Gotcha,” he said and winked at her.  She pulled a piece of ice from her drink and tossed it at him.  They finished their breakfast and paid the check before heading back to Drake’s house for a morning swim. 

“I don’t have a suit,” she said in the car on the way over.

“Don’t worry about that,” Drake told her.  You won’t need one.  Once they were at the house, Lexi watched as Drake stripped down to nothing and jumped in.  “Come on in,” he told her.  The water is warm.  It feels fantastic.”  Lexi hesitated for a moment and then decided he was right about her needing to be a bit freer from her inhibitions.  She stripped and jumped in, resurfacing right in front of him.  He pulled her to him and kissed her again, letting his tongue lazily explore hers.  Their wet skin pressed against each other beneath the water.

“I’m willing to give it a try,” Lexi said to him as they lingered there in each other’s arms.  “There is something about you that has drawn me in since I first laid eyes on you.  I want this to work.  We will find some common ground,” she said, looking into his eyes for any hint of a reaction.  He smiled at her and pushed her head under the water before taking off for the other end of the pool. 
It wasn’t
exactly what she had expected.

“I’m going to get you for that, Drake,” she gasped as she caught her breath.  He was already out of the pool and drying off on the side by the time she made it to the steps on the shallow end.  She climbed out and headed for where he was standing, only to have him run to the house butt naked.  She abandoned the chase, for now, and toweled herself off, wrapping the towel around her before following him in to the house.  He was standing naked in the kitchen talking to an older Hispanic woman who was doing her best to avert her gaze from his nude form.  Lexi almost laughed.  She had the feeling it wasn’t the first time the help had been put in this awkward position.

“Very well, Senor Whitson,” the woman was saying as Lexi approached the other side of the kitchen bar.  She turned her back on Drake who looked at Lexi on the other side of the bar and smiled.  Drake ran out to the pool and grabbed their clothes.  They stood by the bar again and slipped back into them in the middle of the kitchen while Serena was away doing whatever Drake had asked of her, presumably.

“Serena is going to make us some lunch,” he said before stepping around the bar.  “Lexi, come,” he said.  Lexi smiled.  She had missed being called like a disobedient canine.  She followed him to a large study down the hall and sat in a chair to the side of the huge desk in the center of the room.  “Okay, Lexi, let’s talk about this.  If we are going to pursue a master and sub relationship then I need to know that you can obey me.  For the rest of the night, I’d like for you to follow my instructions.  Do you think you can do that?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“Yes, what?” he said.

“Yes, Sir,” she said
without hesitation
but with a glint of mischief in her eyes.

“Very good, Lexi.  You will need to keep your eyes lowered when I am speaking to you.  Looking your master in the eye is defiant.  You should assume the subservient role and keep your gaze cast downward.  Do you understand?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” Lexi replied.

“Great.  Let’s go to dinner,” he told her, holding out his hand for her to walk with him to the kitchen.  She looked up at him and smiled.  “Where are your eyes, Lexi?” he asked sternly.

“I’m sorry, Sir,” she said quickly, casting her eyes downward.

“That’s better,” he told her as they made their way to the table.  Serena had set out their plates and was serving their lunch.  She had prepared smoked salmon on sourdough and a steaming cup of tomato bisque topped with croutons and a dab of sour cream.  Lexi and Drake sat down beside one another at the long table and began to eat.  She was glad that he had not insisted that she sit across from him where it would be difficult not to meet his gaze.

Once lunch was finished, Serena cleared their plates and refilled their water glasses.  “Drink all of your water, Lexi.  You will need it to prevent dehydration,” he said.  Lexi wasn’t sure what that meant but she did as she was told.  Drake told Serena that she could take the rest of the day off and she said her goodbyes.  “Alone at last,” Drake said as Lexi drank the last of her water.

Once she was done, Drake stood and held his hand out to her.  “Now, let’s begin your training,
” he said. 

“Yes, Sir,” Lexi said as she stood and took his hand, careful not to look up towards him in the process.  He escorted her towards the dungeon that had previously been a turning point for them, with Lexi storming out after realizing what he expected of her.  This time, she had agreed to try to accept and appreciate the pleasures to be had there.  Her heart pounded out of her chest as she stepped through the door and descended the
steps into the large room. 


As they walked, he told her that she would need a safe word.  It could be whatever she wanted and anytime she said that particular word, whatever he was doing to her would stop.  He explained that it prevented any confusion if they were role playing, for example.  “You may be begging as part of the role playing, so I can’t trust that you really want me to stop merely by you saying it.  I need a word that is completely unrelated to anything so it will be a loud and clear signal.

Lexi thought about this for a moment and then selected the word “unibrow”, causing Drake to smile a bit at the private joke.  “Very well, that is your safe word then.  I can’t think of one sexual scenario where that word would be used unless it’s a safe word,” he finished.

“Lexi, come,” Drake said from the opposite side of the room.  He had continued walking while she had stopped to look around her.  She immediately did as she was asked.  Once she had reached the spot beside him, he instructed her to get undressed and place her clothing on a nearby table. 
She did as she was instructed.  H
e pulled her wrists up, wrapped a silk scarf around them and tied it in a knot.  He then
her arms above her head, wrapping the center of the scarf between her hands over a hook that was suspended from the ceiling.  Lexi’s heart was racing with anticipation.

As she stood there, her arms tied above her head, he walked around behind her.  She could hear him opening drawers and laying things on the table but could not see what they were.  Momentarily, he returned with another scarf that was darker and heavier and the tied it around her head, obscuring her vision completely.  Then he began.

Lexi could feel something incredibly soft being dragged slowly across her delicate skin.  She bit her lip as it slowly caressed each of her breasts before trailing down to her pussy and across her thighs.  She felt his feathery touch as it made its way across the cheeks of her ass and then tickled the crease between the two before sliding across her pussy lips.  It felt incredible sensual.  S
o far, so good she thought to herself.  She was startled when Drake barked an order at her.  “Spread your legs, Lexi.”  Lexi immediately walked her feet apart until he told her to stop.

The soft touches stopped and Lexi heard nothing for a few agonizing moments until she felt a different object stroking her skin.  It was following the same trail as the previous one but wasn’t soft like that one.  This one was harder and flat.  Lexi felt its hard surface exploring her skin and then felt it being dragged across her pussy lips.  She gasped as it was drawn back and made a sharp rap between her legs, slapping her pussy lips and clit.  She felt the sting and waited for another.

“Always remain silent, Lexi,” Drake ordered her before rapping the object several more times between her legs.  It stung a little more each time, but she kept quiet.  She had to remind herself that she had agreed to this.  She waited to see what would be next and didn’t have to wait long as she felt some sort of cold metal being clipped to her nipples.  She assumed they were some sort of clamps and they were heavy so they must be weighted somehow.  Drake pulled down on them gently before letting them go and walking around behind her again.

She felt his bare hand on her ass, rubbing it softly before removing it and slapping her across he pale white hind quarters with what felt like a narrow piece of leather.  He continued to do this all across her ass in what felt like a criss cross pattern.  She could only imagine that it looked like an angry red waffle on her behind.  When he was done, she felt him rubbing some sort of lotion into where the stinging waffle had been inflicted.

“How does this feel, Lexi” he asked her.

“It stings, Sir,” she replied.

“Do you like the way the stinging feels?” he asked her.

“Yes, Sir,” Lexi replied.  She realized that she did like the pain, just a little. 

Drake reached between her legs and slid two fingers inside of her.  She was soaked with desire already.  He teased her clit until he felt her legs begin to wobble and then stopped.  He put his fingers to her mouth and instructed her to taste herself.  Lexi opened her mouth and licked his fingers, sucking one and then the other into her mouth.

“Do you like the way that tastes, Lexi?” he asked her.

“Yes, Sir,” she replied.

“You are awfully wet, Lexi.  Is there something you want?” he asked her.

“I want you to fuck me,” she replied bluntly.

“Not just yet, little girl,” Drake told her.  “In good time, I will give you what you need and what you have earned.”

Lexi felt him strapping something around her thighs and then felt some sort of cold latex or plastic against her clit.  Once it was in place, she felt his hands on her breasts, attaching something to the clips that were already constricting her pink nipples until they were a much darker reddish purple shade.  She heard a low whirring sound and then felt her nipples being sucked into some sort of vacuum for a few moments before being released, only to be repeated again.  It felt amazing.

While she was still enjoying the pumps that had been placed on her nipples, she felt a slight vibration begin to pulsate between her legs.  The vibrator that had been placed against her clit below had begun to sing to her sensitive nub.  She was already heavily aroused and the vibration directly against her clit was pushing her to the edge.  She fought to keep quiet but lost the battle when the vibrations suddenly increased.  She moaned loudly and the sucking and vibrations stopped completely.

Before she could register that she had not followed orders, she felt a succession of slaps across her ass with what felt like a hard stick of some sort.  They hurt so much they brought tears to her eyes but she resisted the urge to use her safe word.  A part of her that she wasn’t willing to acknowledge just yet was enjoying what Drake was doing to her, at least up until the part where he started punishing her for disobedience.

BOOK: The Intern - Full Submission
3.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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